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I just recently got back into the whole "USB" hacks thing. Today I did a few test on the device, just to get a better understanding. The CD partition is handled at a hardware level, we all knew that, but what I found out may open the door to much more than a windows owning device.

I took the Debian Business Card ISO and loaded it onto the CD partition of my drive... and would you know it.. It worked!! What does this mean? Well for one, we can still have other folders in the ISO, i.e. the windows payload, but we can also load in some other interesting things;

A live Linux Distro

RAM Dump



Maybe even make a larger payload? But the proof is in the pudding.



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According to http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9598, many computers see the U3 partition as a USB CD drive. But as far as other reports, they have suggested that only a small proportion of BIOSes allow booting from the U3 partition of USB drives.

It may have been the computer. I tried on an old desktop. But if i cant boot it from any computer i dont want it.. Ill try and boot it tomorrow on my lappy.

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I've done it without a U3 following these instructions:


But I don't seem the advantage of using the U3 to do that. I mean, you're already booted up to another OS for it to recognize a U3 partition. And if you want to boot from it, the PC would require booting from a USB. In which case you could just use the above type of full USB ISO.

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