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import IE passwords


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Ok, so you know when you install for example Firefox on your PC and it asks you if you want to import passwords, bookmarks and stuff from IE. Say I had a copy of someones harddrive, would I be able to do something to make FF or any other browser search for these files and import them.

On another note, wouldn't I just be able to copy the cookies and paste them into my own cookies folder then I will be logged into their youtube account if they had a youtube cookie for example?

Thnx, Stanni

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You can copy the files where the passwords are stored. I don't know if the passwords stored in plaintext in the files. (in FF you can set a masterpassword which should secure your safed passwords. I'm not sure that the passwords are encrypted when it's set). But I think you should be able to copy the IE "password file" to your own pc and use this function of the FF. Perhaps there are some tools to read the passwords from the file?

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