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Hep - can't get into my LaFonera+

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I can't get in via the ethernetport on to chach the 2 secondsecond Red-Boot start-up. I have my lan set to, and tried direct cat 5 cable and a hub and switcj to see a reply from the ping's that you see in all the guide's. I've added asceen shot of the firmware version on my uk spec fon.


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unplug fon first

i found it easy to open up a cmd window

type : ping -t it should say something about cant find host device

cant remember word for word,

then open up putty , set it for telnet and port 9000

then plug in your fon

hit ok on putty when you see the cmd window start getting a reply from

bam you should be in

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I've tried this method as well on my newly received Fonera+ 1.1.1r2 but while packet sniffing. As soon as the network comes up on the Fonera (as in: it does reply to ICMP ping requests) every connection to 9000 is responded with a RST, so it seems they closed this vector on the more recent firmwares...

So... if anyone has an idea to get SSH enabled or to downgrade these newer versions I would be very happy to hear it.

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