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Hak5 Ps3 Theme


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Yeh, so i was kinda bored today, and was playing around with my ps3. So i found out i wanted to make my own theme, naturally i made one of my favorite show ;)

I used the Playstation 3 theme tool and photoshop to make this.

Ive collected some pics and wallpapers from this side, so you might recognise some of them. (Thanks to AdvenSpirit, Greatmetal and Testmad) If you dont want me to use your wallpaper just let me know, and i'll remove it from the theme.

The file can be downloaded here

To install put this file on a usb drive under ps3/theme, go to theme under the settings-tab, and choose theme-settings.

Then choose theme again, and install.

Its not finished yet, (not completed the whole settings-tab), but i wanted a little feedback on my little project so far.

The theme includes 3 different backgrounds that will cycle each time you turn on your ps3.

Any changes you would recommend? Anything you would have done differently?


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