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The IT Recruiting Agents


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They are all bastards. I was put forward for a role I really wasn't sure about after having told the agent that I wasn't interested and being talked into it (it was IT support for the McLaren F1 team), did a phone interview which was a bit ho-hum, and eventually when I finally said "No, i'm not interested in this role" I got a barrage of calls from the agency giving me a whole list of threats about being blacklisted in the whole UK IT industry and having to work in McDonalds for the rest of my life. Completely unproffesional behaviour through and through, non of them have a fucking clue what they are on about and they will all lie relentlessly.

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I personally wouldn't use an Agent anyway, I don't see what they can do that I can't.

If companies will only use an Agent to get them empolyees then they arn't working for. Companies that have jobs will be posting them left right and centre on good job boards which you'll see.

I don't need an Agent to sell me to a company, at any rate thats my job in my CV and interview to do that, and likewise for the company I don't need an Agent to sell them to me, the company should be doing that.

In fact I've refused to apply for jobs and told companies that after they stated they had an interest in hiring me, because I had to go through an 'agency' to get the job. I would have had to pay that agency because that was the agreement and I had to use the agency because the company refused to have anyone internally for recruiting. Just speaks volumes about that company, and this wasn't a small company either, it was a big one.

My biggest grip at the moment about job hunting and recruitment is no one seems to pick up the phone any more. If your interested in a company then you should pick up the phone and call them, that way you start building up a relationship with the company from the start which i think is really important.

Sorry, this turned into bit of a rant, when I was refering to 'you' it wasn't anyone in particular.

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