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media server.


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Hey all,

i currently have a fileserver which hosts alot of media, and it is becoming large enough that i am not able to keep track of it all from memory, im looking for some sort of web based application that would index my hdds and allow me to search for my media, and also possibly play the media through this web application,

so basically something that auto indexes and creates a searchable database and allows me to view the media through this web based application,


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i have media split over 5 drives, :( do you know of any apps that can create a database of all my media for me, without me having to do the entries into the database myself,

im more looking for something that will basically catalog all my stuff for me, so i can easily search the database for what im looking for, i thought of creating a asp.net website todo that as i want to be able to access this from anywhere, but entering the data into the database manually would take months.

TwonkyVision doesnt seem to support this very well.

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Microsoft search server 2008 express is specifically for doing this, its also free. Possibly a bit more than your after though.

I think the Slingplayer application will do something like this, although its a while since i've used it. You can even stream music from the browser.

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