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Firmware hacks


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I bought a cool device called a my hava platinum with GPL/linux love


It's a linux embedded device with a telnet prompt which you don't know and moonson has limited remote connection to 1 remote tv viewer. There also some werdiness how your only allowed have one HAVA on a network

Anyway. I noticed there some firmware files in the program folder

Anyone done any firmware hacking before and could guide me how I could extract/read the firmware. So I can make a custom hacked version?

Tell me what you need

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One of the firmwares that trying to unpack http:\\monsoonftp.com\download\support\Firmware\fw_jaldi-usb.262290.rup.img

Steps I believe. Would be similar to this http://www.1337h4x0r5.org/1/firmware.php



I'm not sure how to modify it for the Hava. Cause have different hex and numbers

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The GPL code i think would be is missing some stuff on purpose. Moonsoon would want to give you the complete code

Meaning you would have to write your own code for media side to function. The box becomes a fancy router without it

I know there some hex value that need to find to extract everything

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