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Looking for good free video editing apps for the PC


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I figured you guys might have messed around with some video editing apps in the past, so I thought I'd ask here :D.

I used to use Final Cut Pro, but recently got rid of my Mac (well, my sister actually took it when she went to university), and am not going to get another one in at least 5 or 6 months, so I'm looking for something free to use on my PC in the mean-time, as I know I will be going back to FCP eventually.

Know of anything particularly good?



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I haven't messed with it that much, but use it via portableapp for taking sections of a video and splitting them up.

geared towards .avi files

but has support for other file types

QFE. Virtual dub and AVIsynth are great for editing video on the cheap.

Along with the built in Windows Movie Maker. Some people don't realize you can make High Def movies with Movie Maker by adding a few scripts to its directory. Check my post in the TIPS section. Even though it comes out as a wmv file after rendering the movie, you can easily burn them to DVD using something like Nero. You could even re-write the script to output it as DV-AVI, but the file size would be monstrous and require a 64-bit system to really find them usefull after the rendering to do anythign else with them.

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