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  1. You're using Vista. In my experience, it does not work on Vista. Works great on XP. Thank goodness I dual boot. :P
  2. Very nice program! A tad easier and maybe less buggy than Pandora's Jar. Very nice how it grabs the tracks while they're still being cached by Pandora. A problem though: all the tracks are being put into their proper directory, but under the debug log, its doing stuff like: 0 Total Tracks Ripped :( Error Processing "Hybrid - In Good We Trust (Soundtrack Edit).mp3" Skipping track "Hybrid - In Good We Trust (Soundtrack Edit).mp3", already ripped 318 Scan(s) completed for 3 Temp Dir(s) 0 Total Tracks Ripped :( Error Processing "Ulver - Hallways Of Always.mp3" Skipping track "Ulver - Hallways Of Always.mp3", already ripped 480 Scan(s) completed for 3 Temp Dir(s) 0 Total Tracks Ripped :( Why the errors with processing? All the files are going to the right place, but this is a little annoying. Currently running Windows Vista, using Firefox, Pandorarip v1.0.6.0, Flash8.0 r24 (thanks to Grease Monkey - does this program need this?). Other than that, tagging, and you're done, so long as it doesn't miss any songs or misname some and overwrite others, or something along those lines. :D Wish list: fourth setting for track layout: ArtistAlbumTitle.mp3 - if we already know who the artist is based on the folder, why reiterate it in the track title? :)
  3. It works on Vista! I couldn't be happier. There was a very old version of Pandora's Jar that must've been abandoned at some point which completely and correctly tagged the mp3 ripped from Pandora, but you had to specify the file naming format by manually editing some line in some file. Does anyone know if the same can be done for this new version? Also, yesterday I left this new version on overnight with Cruise Control active, and reload rate set at 30 songs. Checked out my music this morning, and there were problems - multiples of the same old track were being given the names from new tracks playing, so most of the music downloaded was entirely wrong. It would be great if there was a feature so that a song that has already been ripped will not be overwritten by a duplicate. I can only assume all this trouble of wrongly ripped and tagged songs has something to do with the reload rate. What is the recommended reload rate? Right now I'm set at 12 to be safe. Very good job on a great program.
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