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  1. @mods: change topic to OS Rants/Raves/Hate/Whinges?
  2. Post all your whinges at Microsoft here and I will cut and edit them into one big email to send at Microsoft. 1GB email message anyone? EDIT: Now primarily @Windows.
  3. Okay. Does someone want to have a whinge at Microsoft/Nvidia?
  4. Recently having acquired a new computer, I decided to use my older monitor as a second monitor. It is a 17' CRT, on an 8800GT. A 20' LCD is my primary monitor. In the Nvidia Suite they are configured as dual view - two independent monitors, with different resolutions and refresh rates, etc. My problem is: Whenever I run a full screen game like CSS, and click on something in the second monitor, the full screen game minimizes. Is there a way round this.
  5. The boards a Asus P5KC with an Intel P35 northbridge, ICH9(?) southbridge. Does PAE work on Intel boards only, or Intel chipsets as well?
  6. I am currently looking into building 2 new PCs for myself and my parents, and 4GBs of DDR2 1000Mhz is the same price is 2GB. However, after mucking around on the web I found a site that said Windows 32 bit only supports 4GB of memory, including graphics memory. The card is a 512MB 8800GT. Other sites seem to exclude this point. I realize that 64 bit supports more than 4GB, but have no wish to go through hell. Does anyone know the truth or have personal experiences?
  7. would be relatively easy to make one, if you buy a USB plug and some cat5 cable ....
  8. Computer---USB to Ethernet adapter(ie a thing thats puts the 4 wires of usb down the middle 2 pairs of ethernet)---Patch Panel----Ethernet to USB adapter---USB device.It would work!
  9. once again metatron bashes the shit outta us :shock:
  10. or whack some vm software on osx and install lots of distros!
  11. Isnt a compiled C# program low-level enough? because that would be in binary
  12. Its not. If you could access the safe, you could put up a camera and record ppl entering the code. The only advantage thermal imaging would have would be if you had to limited time to access it.
  13. why do skewls even bother with blocks when students can easily get round them?
  14. How do these laser 'blind' the camera?
  15. Anyone else find this style of writing similar to a member that recently got banned ? meaning USBhacker?
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