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  1. the place I get all my PSP homebrew is at www.psp-hacks.com pretty good collection of stuff from emulators to VNC viewers..
  2. what usb device are you trying this on? is the device a U3 device?
  3. this actually came up in IRC land the other night while I was on. so I'll share what was given to me. www.bb4win.org <- called Blackbox. originally for linux, but was ported to windows. I haven't tried it, but it looks nice. www.sharpe-shell.org both I believe are opensource, so its free.. I personally use astonshell right now, and its pretty nice, yet took awhile to get the customization figured out. price well I won't comment.
  4. laptop is 1280x800 and my desktop runs an HDTV at 1360x765
  5. I haven't really encountered DRM's yet, but in general I disagree with them. If anything, I've purchased more music because of "free downloading". I don't want to spend money on something I'm not sure will be worth it. If I enjoy the tracks I've downloaded, I'll go and buy the album, and probably others like it. I read an article written about itunes vs jazz preservation .. its a bit off topic, but its an interesting perspective on digital music. http://www.harlem.org/itunes/index.html I'm really glad that amazon and apple, and other such corporations are pushing for the removal of DRMs. As far as making money off music, how much do you think the artist actually gets per song/album these days when they're signed to a major label? I bet most of the revenue comes from live shows sponsored by other large corporations and $30+ ticket sales.
  6. have you tried downloading the alternate install cd? ubuntu was pretty tricky in my experience with installing it on a newer machine. it was especially difficult on my friends SATA drive for some reason. using the alternate disc worked. also check out www.ubuntuforums.org I found this so far http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3...uring+partition that might help a bit.. are you trying to install it onto a fresh harddrive? or onto an exsisting winxp partition. some more info would be nice, like which version of ubuntu, what cd image of the version it is, what type of system its being installed on.. these also might help a bit: http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=06/07/20/1654251 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4...rtition+failure http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4...rtition+failure http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4...rtition+failure
  7. excellent, since I had a lot of down time at work tonight, I managed to answer my own question. so here's what I found.. after digging and digging, I found the service and maintenence manual for my laptop series. found out which card type would fit. went onto a few online computer shops, and found an intel IPW3945 mini card (which I found out was supported for linux, with monitor modes availible). turns out its not that hard to change on my lappy after all. I just wish it didn't take so long to find a service manual from them. now once the one arrives, I'm going to void my warranty! ..anyone know of some good wifi laptop hacks for increasing antenna strength haha..
  8. so I've just realized that my built in wireless adapter on my laptop doesn't support monitor modes, and has issues in linux (I have to use ndiswrapper with the windows drivers to get it to work). I was wondering if its possible to swap out the built in adapter with an adapter that supports monitor mode, and has better linux support. I can't find any info on it, and someone told me that its probable. when I do "lspci" in the bash, it shows this for my card: Network controller: Broadcom Corporation Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-PCI Card (rev 01) .. emphasis on the mini-PCI card part.. anyone done this? will I need a card that's supported by HP? I should also say that my laptop doesn't have PCMCIA, and only express card, and I've only seen one so far, so I'm not sure if its even supported (the d-link dwa-643) .. plus its $134cnd ...
  9. found this while looking for the switchblade (posted teh switchblade link in the switchblade thread) .. haven't tried either yet (at work right now, but I will when I get home..), but the switchblade version atleast downloaded... http://www.usbhacks.com/2006/10/07/usb-hacksaw/ I'm looking for the spektormax usb hack.. or even better would be Mubix's usb from the latest episode (2x10).. downloaded all the apps listed..hoping to get something similar working...
  10. yea, I'm hoping it comes back soon too.. I want to try this out.. I like what the latest episode has for USB trickery (2x10), going to rewatch it tonight at work when things get quiet.. on a side note, has anyone heard anything about this little device? http://www.subrosasoft.com/OSXSoftware/ind...products_id=195 (probably a dumb question).. now I haven't read through the 25 pages of this thread yet, so I apologize for a repost, but I'm curious as to how similar/different it is from the ongoing project here.. perhaps a future implementation into this project? EDIT - I went on google, and found this link.. its reference is HAK5, and has all the USB hacks on it.. here's the one for the switchblade http://www.usbhacks.com/2006/10/07/usb-switchblade/ edit #2 - so the loader works, and the iso work, but they don't include the payload for the regular partition of the drive.. so I guess I'll have to keep waiting.. I don't know how to use the code .. such a n00b...
  11. thats for connecting vga to analog TV's correct? 640x480? or would that also work for connecting a pc to say LCDtv ? whats the max resolution would could run with that? I'm just curious, I never saw cables like that when I was connecting my PC to my lcdtv a few months ago. instead I use a DVI to HDMI cable.
  12. wifi seems to drain my battery (also an HP, but I think its a common thing 8-) ). if you aren't needing to be connected to a network 100% of the time, you could try turning wireless off. you should see an increase in life without wireless.. also, maybe there's a setting in the bios to lower the cpu speed, as well as the cooling power. my old toshiba had 3 or 4 cooling levels, maximum setting would suck all the life out of the battery, yet the machine worked fine on the lower cooling settings.
  13. if money isn't an issue, then I'd say go with the laptop. show up at the LAN party sportin' some high class bling bling. I've heard mixed reviews about alienware, but don't have the money to test them out. I've heard really good things about ASUS laptops, but again, I've never experienced one. however I'm just starting to play games with my HP laptop (DV6110ca), but I can't really say how great it is, as I'm running ubuntu linux on it and playing games through wine. so far half-life 2, and goldeneye source work with scaled back video, on a lower resolution. I did however natively install doom3 on a previous release of ubuntu and it worked surprisingly well. One of these day's I'll run a dual-boot with it and see how well it holds up. The kicker is portability, I can play online at work during slow night shifts... ...having said this, it doesn't nearly compare to my desktop system that was half the price and can do twice the performance. if I were to buy a new gaming system, portable or not, I'd stick to a lower priced desktop system that I carefully chose parts for. and like you stated, this won't be the primary system, so I don't see it being worth the money for a pimped out laptop. I like the microATX idea..
  14. seems I was a little off in my original idea... I realize that sms can't do pictures, but only alerts.. so I guess I'll have to use MMS? is this possible? I guess it would be pretty expensive to send picture messages to my phone.. I guess I'll have to re-evaluate my idea here.. plus having to pay for a sms gateway for this seems a bit much.. I'll have to do some brainstorming more before I can get this off the ground..
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