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  1. i was able to ping (MRK7),, and a device connected to the MRK7 from windows cmd
  2. so i am playing with it now since i have a little time to spare. i did all the steps from the first post but this time i left the static ip windows gives the mk7 before changing it to and the mk7 gives internet access to connected device only problem is i cant connect to so that tells me ics does work.
  3. that is correct i changed it on windows not the mk7 its self so what am i doing wrong. thank you responding.
  4. I have followed the steps and can get ICS to work. I have the USB c connected to MK7 to PC surface pro 7 I made sure network adapter is on share and picked the MK7 i changed the MK7 ip to subnet mask to no internet connection to the MK7 please help.
  5. I am having trouble with ICS with my pineapple. I have followed the steps on the redirect link that Hak5 has. Where I use share on my main internet adapter and then select the pineapple from the list. Then I go to the pineapple adapter and i change the ip to Once I log into the pineapple I do have internet on the pineapple . Need help thank you.
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