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  1. your not the only one mine feels buggy too. my scans somtimes stop if i click on another module and its really hard to capture handshakes as well andd i get kicked off the AP management if im connected via wirelessly.
  2. im pretty sure it does it mentions that it can do 5V charging and data transfer like a normal charble.
  3. O.MG CABLE - LIGHTNING TO USB-C can the lighting side also send a payload or is it just the usb-c side.
  4. can both ends send payloads or is just one end?
  5. What radio is pineAP and what radio is AP management on . My guess is that Ap management is wlan0???
  6. so i guess if you run captive portal on bootup it will captive portal you management AP ... i disable it on boot up and was able to log in via wireless . but still running into the problem where if i run any module like recon after 5 mins or so if will kick me off and i wont be able to log back in unless i reboot the pineapple. please help
  7. when i log in to my management AP my captive portal is popping up ?? has anyone had this problem .. i cant access my pineapple through wireless AP?
  8. Why does the management AP keep kicking my computer off and then it says cannot connect to this network
  9. So if im logged to the pineapple via management AP and im on that same channel is it going to kick me off the pineapple ?
  10. I’m getting this same problem . It kicks my off the management AP and then the pineapple SSID won’t show up anymore and if it does it say unable to connect to the network. Any solutions would help out.
  11. I mean it just shows you it’s incomplete
  12. https://imgur.com/a/yFF69ZE here is another picture i took .. it was to big to attacht
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