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  1. What radio is pineAP and what radio is AP management on . My guess is that Ap management is wlan0???
  2. so i guess if you run captive portal on bootup it will captive portal you management AP ... i disable it on boot up and was able to log in via wireless . but still running into the problem where if i run any module like recon after 5 mins or so if will kick me off and i wont be able to log back in unless i reboot the pineapple. please help
  3. when i log in to my management AP my captive portal is popping up ?? has anyone had this problem .. i cant access my pineapple through wireless AP?
  4. Why does the management AP keep kicking my computer off and then it says cannot connect to this network
  5. So if im logged to the pineapple via management AP and im on that same channel is it going to kick me off the pineapple ?
  6. I’m getting this same problem . It kicks my off the management AP and then the pineapple SSID won’t show up anymore and if it does it say unable to connect to the network. Any solutions would help out.
  7. I mean it just shows you it’s incomplete
  8. https://imgur.com/a/yFF69ZE here is another picture i took .. it was to big to attacht
  9. so i was trying to capture a specific HS and the pineapple captured some random HS from a different SSID lol what is going on lol 😅
  10. Mine is buggy too . I can’t capture HS and if I do they won’t show up until I boot it up again . The AP management kicks me off… and it freezes a lot. And sometimes I can’t even deauth devices. Sticking with my pi for now
  11. If it’s a lost wpa key in a control area then just reset the modem and the default key will be set which is under the modem.. If it’s a “control “ area then there’s information out there that can help you . Look up capturing 🤝
  12. I’ve been using my pie instead but I just like the Simplicity of the pineapple oh well
  13. is there a module for https peek??? i know there is one for http but no one uses http
  14. i am having trouble capturing HS i have tried in a controlled lab and i cannot get my phone to get deauth or it if it does my pineapple wont capture anything. i have made it work in the past but its always a hit or miss. im running on the latest firmware. 1.1.1. what am i doing wrong. also the web interface is very buggy . like everything freezes or unresponsive there is a lot of rebooting or refreshing the page.
  15. Use aircrack-ng with a wordlist or hashcat with Cuddacores to use your GPU power to crack the handshake
  16. Just buy the AWUS036ACM who know when they are gonna push out the ac adapter .
  17. for the ICS when you right click properties then ipv4 then click advance and make sure there is only one ip and not two. that might be why you cant connect doing ICS.
  18. have you seen this video where they introduce the MK7 and they show how to capture a handshake. He does it instantaneously @1:01 is where he shows off the handshake capture.
  19. i am having trouble capturing handshakes on the MK7 . i have let the capture HS function on for long periods of time and haven't been able capture anything on the Control AP that is within rang. i have tried using my RASPBERRY -PI 4 and it has no problem capturing the same AP . i am running 1.1.0 Beta on the MK7 sure can use some help.
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