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  1. Use aircrack-ng with a wordlist or hashcat with Cuddacores to use your GPU power to crack the handshake
  2. Just buy the AWUS036ACM who know when they are gonna push out the ac adapter .
  3. for the ICS when you right click properties then ipv4 then click advance and make sure there is only one ip and not two. that might be why you cant connect doing ICS.
  4. have you seen this video where they introduce the MK7 and they show how to capture a handshake. He does it instantaneously @1:01 is where he shows off the handshake capture.
  5. i am having trouble capturing handshakes on the MK7 . i have let the capture HS function on for long periods of time and haven't been able capture anything on the Control AP that is within rang. i have tried using my RASPBERRY -PI 4 and it has no problem capturing the same AP . i am running 1.1.0 Beta on the MK7 sure can use some help.
  6. Has anyone been able to connect to xfinity hotspot on the MK7?
  7. has anyone gotten the xfinity hotspot to work with the MK7. i have tried connecting to my phone first then changing my Mk7 MAC to that of my phone and it still wont connect. please help.
  8. if you update to 1.1.0 beta it does it for you already and you are able to pick between 2.4 and 5 ghz or both.
  9. check what ip your computer is giving it. if its giving it like a 192..... then thats why.
  10. can you show me a picture of the adapters you got i might be able to help
  11. Do you know if its gonna be a plug and play or are we going to have to configure it like we did on the one alfa card?
  12. i was thinking of making a video on this step by step because there is not one out there what do you think?
  13. I have figured it out and got it working. I can see both 2.4 and 5 ghz in recon mode. I was thinking about making a short video on how to do it because I haven’t found a step by step guide let me know if I should.
  14. can anyone make a short clip on how to do this. still learning
  15. After going to recon and starting my scan i pick a AP then i start the handshake capture then deauth after the deauth option is ready to be picked again it gives a exit status 1. and that happens for anthing i click after that. what is exit status 1.
  16. I found this I hope this helps. https://www.acrylicwifi.com/en/blog/about-wpa-psk-tkip-ccmp-wi-fi-security-information/
  17. Update I was able to fix my issue. The solution to my issue was to update the MK7 to its new software 1.0.2 which the new software was a patch for the ICS bug fix. Everything is working fine now. 😉
  18. i was able to ping (MRK7),, and a device connected to the MRK7 from windows cmd
  19. so i am playing with it now since i have a little time to spare. i did all the steps from the first post but this time i left the static ip windows gives the mk7 before changing it to and the mk7 gives internet access to connected device only problem is i cant connect to so that tells me ics does work.
  20. that is correct i changed it on windows not the mk7 its self so what am i doing wrong. thank you responding.
  21. I have followed the steps and can get ICS to work. I have the USB c connected to MK7 to PC surface pro 7 I made sure network adapter is on share and picked the MK7 i changed the MK7 ip to subnet mask to no internet connection to the MK7 please help.
  22. I am having trouble with ICS with my pineapple. I have followed the steps on the redirect link that Hak5 has. Where I use share on my main internet adapter and then select the pineapple from the list. Then I go to the pineapple adapter and i change the ip to Once I log into the pineapple I do have internet on the pineapple . Need help thank you.
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