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  1. Not really, when it comes to the C2 binary itself, I trust that Hak5 keeps it secure as a concept. The only thing is to set the server itself up as secure as possible, but nothing special there apart from keeping just the needed ports open an upgrading the OS on a regular basis. When it comes to C2 setup, I used Darren's videos (2701 - 2703) and I've had no problems with that way of doing it.

  2. It's rather difficult to troubleshoot when not having the full picture. I have a more "transparent" name for my binary when running the service, but not sure what effect it has during upgrades. All I know is that I haven't had any problems that others describe. I would rename the current binary and also temporarily stop the service and start the C2 instance manually (i.e. the same command string as in the service config file) and make sure that the output states that the most recent version is executed and not some older version (the output should be:   [*] Initializing Hak5 Cloud C2 v3.1.1 ).

  3. vi? in what way does vi show anything related to that? you mean to display the service configuration file (if you have enabled C2 as a service that is)? how many C2 binary files do you have in /usr/local/bin ? what binary does the C2 service start? I'm not sure of how transparent the c2 database (c2.db) is when it comes to different versions of the C2 binary, but in worst case (if the db is binary version dependent), then you might start the C2 instance with an older binary and a newer c2.db "version" that expects a newer binary. I would advise not to use version specific naming in the service config file, but instead use a more generic approach with something like "c2_community-linux-64" as the name for the binary in the service.

  4. 10 hours ago, Handy Geek said:

    Yeah I did too.  One thing I noticed with mine was that the ( /usr/...)  file remained the same file for the 3.0.1 version after the update. Should that have changed with the update or does it just add the necessary files into that same bin?

    It depends on how your C2 instance is set up. If it updates to 3.1.1 it should update what's needed to "jump" to that version. Not sure what you mean by "add the necessary files into that same bin"; there is just one binary executable involved. Or, do you mean the directory /usr/local/bin? If you still have the 3.0.1 C2 binary in that directory after the update, I would say that the update wasn't successful. In what way do you verify that it is a 3.0.1 related file?

  5. Similar scenarios have been reported recently, both here in some threads and on Discord. Not sure if it's exactly the same but it sounds like it. As I've understood it, it's being checked to see if there are some real problems behind it all or a result of other circumstances.

  6. Did the PCs have different kinds of keyboards? Wireless? "Multi function" fancy keyboards (i.e. extra features beside being an actual keyboard, combined with mouse features, etc.)?

  7. Just add something, it's just to distinguish your instance. It's not related to any domain name or such. You can put a "Site Name" that is something like "SamSepiC2" and the description can be whatever, like "All my Hak5 gear in C2"... -ish...

    Or, the word "instance" isn't perhaps totally accurate, you can have multiple sites in one C2 instance I guess, it requires another license form than the community edition though.

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