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  1. Well I have a kingstone 16gb and when it goes to format the drive it says the drive is too big?? What the?! How can i fix that or whatever? Thanks, nice project
  2. @Moonlit If possible care to go into details on how to "dd" the RAM and image it to a flash drive? Thanks
  3. Addons to switchblade. I don't understand the guide on the wiki. I got the silverion 1.2 i believe Thanks for help, Pelmen
  4. Hey everyone, I got the non-u3 thing for my avixe flash drive now I was wondering how do I install the other things on there. I do not seem to understand how to do it. Thanks for help, Pelmen
  5. I tried googling "spektormax's payload" and just got two things and it was this topic. Anyone mind re uploading it? Thanks
  6. I got to C:/Documents and Settings/USERNAME/ but I do not have "Application Data." I am using windows 2000.
  7. Thanks for the payload. Now to install all I do is extract to the root of my flash drive? Thanks, Pelmen
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and the USB switchblade and hacksaw stuff. I bought a new 4gb Avixe flash drive and have only 1gb filled up and nothing else. I would like if someone could share their custom payload with a lot of apps in it. Or if someone could point me to where I can find the apps and tell me how to put them together. Thanks for the help, Pelmen
  9. Is there a way I can try this in windows 2000? I can't seem to find this :(C:Documents and SettingsUsernameApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfilesabcd123.default in windows 2000. Is that for windows xp? Thanks
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