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  1. Please not the links ^^ will not woerk they have been moved to http://iradiocapture.blogspot.com/
  2. would something like noip.com help you ??
  3. is ths going to be true. ive seen and hurd a lot? http://ipower.ning.com/netneutrality2
  4. the only part of this i cant do is tearing down my pc. its 400 miles away.. and i dont think i am going to do it to my laptops
  5. maby we can put up a for sale section ??? just a thought
  6. a bunch of old computer parts
  7. well the metal is up to 1' thich and cant have holes in it ... i am working on something for a gas pipeline it verries from 5 foot of dirt to 20 feet of dirt.
  8. http://www.arrickrobotics.com/chair/
  9. I know that wifi has its limits and also know that it hates metal. but i was wonderning how thick the metal can be before there is a problem with connections. also if any one knows if dirt has any affect with the signal.. If any one can help me please post or pm me thanks
  10. to to your local auto parts store and get 2200 wet sanding paper for auto body repair. lightly sand it down. also get 3M perfect it 3 rubbing compound and glaze.. then use the rubbing compound and then the glaze....
  11. sideboom

    key cards

    i can try to get the pics up but is is like any hotel room key..
  12. sideboom

    key cards

    i am getting sick of leaving my key car in my dorm or loosing it and am wonderning if there is a way /program that i can make copys of the key card with out spending $35 everytime myne goes missing or i loose it? Can any one help me out on this one..
  13. i know from working at Walmart that the key is posted on these white/blue circles on the roof.. i watched the traffic one night and got a lot of info pulled from the wifi and never had the time to go back and further my finding but to anyone els that has the time see what you can find
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