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  1. Im soooooo sorry for the mistake. I only wrote this at 1 am. :P
  2. I think it could. There might be a maximum size limit though.
  3. I'm sure this is nothing new but I found this neat trick on another forum where a user had uploaded an image that had hidden music in it. It was essentially music stenography. Here is the procedure. 1. Take your music file and rename it to a ".raw". 2. Open it in photoshop or paint shop pro. 3. If it asks you to specify a size, the X height must equal the exact byte size. (This varies though and in photoshop you can just use the guess function and it will most likely work.) 4. Save your creation as a ".png" with no compression. To listen to it you need to do the reverse. 1. Download the file to your desktop and open it with photoshop or paint shop pro. 2. Save the file as a ".raw". 3. Rename to ".mp3" or whatever the original extension was. Here is an example of what you get. Go ahead try to decode it.
  4. Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 overclocked to 3.4 ghz. Blazing fast. It can fold one WU in about 16 hours depending on the WU. Then another P4 3.2 ghz. Much slower but still usable.
  5. I just got another power supply from a friend and it works fine now. The second one I put in was from an old dell so it was shit anyways. I don't know what was with the Antec though. Weird. If nobody has anything else to add then can we have a lock?
  6. All good. I tried another PS to boot and it did not like that either. Still get the same stuff happening.
  7. I suppose I could re re install. XD No after it was fubar I just tried again and got it fully installed and activated. I need the laptop now but I might for shits and giggles try to do it on another machine that I have laying around some other time.
  8. This is one of those it worked 10 seconds ago cases. So I start up my ubuntu machine and it fails to boot for some reason, it just hangs. So I press the hard reset and it starts up again and then suddenly turns off before it even POSTs. I press the power button again and nothing happens. Then I pull out the power cable and put it back in. This time it turns on for about 5 seconds and beings to boot. The BIOS POST moniter (its a little number display on the motherboard that shows what it is doing and gives error codes) gets up to 8.6 before it turns off again. That is the code for "Assert PWM for CPU core voltage" which is the last operation is does before it craps out. I have already cleared CMOS, checked all connections, and followed the useless troubleshooting guide in the manual. Is there anything that can be done or do I need to RMA? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  9. So I was installing windows XP pro using a legit CD on this lappy I have. After it copied all the system files and went to the configuration process, the power cable fell out when it had about 17 minutes left before it was done. So just for shits I rebooted and was dumped into a buggy windows install. The strange thing is that it did not ask me for any activation, was missing everything on the start menu, the explorer was fubar and would literally send me to random locations when I clicked on anything in it. Overall it was pretty cool. Just thought I would share.
  10. I just did a Windows XP reinstall on one of my machines. For some odd reason any nullsoft (NIST) installer won't work any more. I always get that the installer is either corrupted or some other odd jazz has happened. I can't override it with /NCRC at the command line either. Anybody got anything to add?
  11. The ironic thing is that I scratched my CRT too. T.T I need a bulletproof moniter that can handle being dropped off the Empire State Building.
  12. I am not taking sand paper to my 400$ moniter. T.T
  13. So I accidentally scratched my LCD screen and there is a pretty big scratch that is distracting and very visible. Basically it slid off my car seat and got scratched. I tried the Vaseline method and it works pretty well but I am looking for a more permanent solution. Does anyone know of anything that works? Yes I already tried google and that didn't help much. Thanks.
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