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  1. Okay here we go this is me trying to install Easytether everything go's well till I try opkg install easytether-usb-openssl_0.8.9-2_mips_24kc.ipk --dest sd PS: I forgot to put --dest the first time i tried to install the Easytether PSS: Do I need openSSL installed first to install the Easytether openssl? if so I need a point in the right direction on how to do that. Any help is appreciated BusyBox v1.23.2 (2018-03-20 00:46:10 UTC) built-in shell (ash) root@Pineapple:~# cd /sd root@Pineapple:/sd# ls lost+found root@Pineapple:/sd# wget http://www.mobi
  2. Okay so I made it to this steep and I hit a new wall lol. So do I need openssl install to run the easytether program? If so can someone show steps on how to install openssl. They skip over the steeps on install openssl in the Hack5 video and in this blog post. root@Pineapple:/sd/18.06.0/ar71xx/generic# opkg install easytether-usb-openssl_0.8.9-2_mips_24kc.ipk --dest sd Package easytether-usb-openssl (0.8.9-3) installed in sd is up to date. root@Pineapple:/sd/18.06.0/ar71xx/generic# easytether-usb -ash: easytether-usb: not found
  3. Thanks!! cd /sd worked!! Im new to this... if you cant tell lol... thanks again
  4. Can someone tell me why I get /sd: Permission denied or /sd1: not found when I try to wget this file? Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on rootfs 2368 2288 80 97% / /dev/root 12800 12800 0 100% /rom tmpfs 30560 148 30412 0% /tmp /dev/mtdblock3 2368 2288 80 97% /overlay overlayfs:/overlay 2368 2288 80 97% / tmpfs
  5. So why do i get Permission denied and /sd1: not found when I try to wget this easytether file? Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on rootfs 2368 2292 76 97% / /dev/root 12800 12800 0 100% /rom tmpfs 30560 116 30444 0% /tmp /dev/mtdblock3 2368 2292 76 97% /overlay overlayfs:/overlay 2368 2292 76 97% / tmpfs 512 0 512 0% /dev /dev/sdcard/sd1 29556820 44992 27987344
  6. Okay so this is how you mount a sd card on the Nano login to the web ui. in the advanced setting tab scroll down to usb click on the arrow right beside the usb then click format sd card
  7. Whats up everyone so Im somewhat new to the Wifi Nano and Command Prompt. So that being said I need help mounting a sd card on the Wifi Nano in Command Prompt or if there is a way to do on the Nano web interface. Any help would be great.
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