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  1. I m on .0200 and go4 4.1.3 Im indeed hesitant on using sdr cause the mentioned heating issue.
  2. In the stock CE system the "HD" link is stronger than the rc signal. So when the RC is boosted to FCC, the range will increase until the HD signal in CE mode becomes unusable. This might indeed double the range. The question is: when a flightleg is flown in CE mode and HD is observed to drop to 1-2 bars, when flying the same route in FCC mode, is the HD link proven to be stronger (3-4 bars)? In my tests the HD remained unchanged. Im on android.
  3. Is there actually any proof out there that also the HD is better/boosted? Field test shows no increase of HD signal in same conditions.(LoS, unobstructed, little interference, non congested area.)
  4. Thanks. Problem is that the 4.1.3v5 (or any of the previous versions)do not increase the bird's power, just the remote! Was also wondering if the configs file can be inserted in the v5 version without further impact.
  5. There is a patch file in another thread here that if, placed in one of the go4 folders, it enforces FCC mode as well. You have an idea what the difference is between this and what you've done? Im pretty much a digilitterate, just trying to find a good solution for us "common" crowd having range issues. Thanks.
  6. It's a small "hidden" file. Just select "show hidden files" in your file manager.
  7. How is this different to what's already in the 4.1.3v5 version (FCC default)? Also, does this also boost the mavic side (HD)? Thanks.
  8. Would be great if you could share what device is used to measure. Thanks.
  9. Wow! That is really freaky. Ok, we do not know the specifics in this case but still creates the necessary paranoia!
  10. Maybe the app has to be started BEFORE the remote/bird is booted OR.... The bird determines output power based on GPS location/other logic bypassing the disabled checks by the modded App. Maybe...
  11. I should have been clearer, sorry... Increasing output beyond FCC (and overheat) is indeed a different subject. Im just interested for now in the FCC mode the 4.1.3 enforces. Does this really increase output to FCC in both the RC and Mavic?! Also when it comes to measuring output: Is this as simple as that? Or is the system increasing TX power as signal gets weaker up to a maximum to save battery?
  12. I have not tried the latest app yet. CE mode has been a pain from the start! Can it be confirmed that the FCC mod in this latest 4.1.3 also gives FCC output to the Mavic downlink (HD?) Im just curious cause there's talk about increasing output power (and fear of overheating remote) but the weaker part is the Mavic downlink. In my testruns using 4.1.3 where CC had to be inserted manually (single click) I could not convince myself that mavic downlink was actually better than CE mode.
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