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  1. There is a list somewhere ? I can't find this information on the wiki
  2. but it's a nix command ? It's a custom function interpreted by the BB to create folder only on the BB ? If yes, it's not a good choice to keep the same function name
  3. For information i resolve the issue with a printf inside a function. Well... no it don't work anymore, and forget to enable the versioning
  4. Hi there, I have a little question, i love my bash bunny, create a lot of payloads (i will post them when really finished), but still have some question. Actually for all my payload i open a terminal, minimize it and do my stuff. When i look at this kind of payload , on line 24 there is a unix command "mkdir". So, it's possible to use unix command without a terminal ? Reminder for people who read this topic, working unix command in payload : mkdir source export
  5. I try on another target computer and still don't work.. May be a bug with the bash bunny script ?
  6. well i really think it's a reversed exclamation mark, but my font is not really good for a terminal. By the way, in my config file i use the fr layout, and my mac is set on french language and french mac keyboard layout.
  7. Hi guys, I actually work on another payload and i want to add some control sequence in order to reduce and move my terminal window (Control sequence). I have some issue with the character \ and [ that become a reversed exclamation mark and a {. Any idea on how to solve this issue ? (i already try to use keycode) Thks
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