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  1. Ita seems you BB is in a bricked stage. The same thing happened to me the best thing you can do is contact Hak5 support with a detailed message of what has happened & they'll send you a new one.
  2. i tried getting in contact with hak5 support & nothing , & the recovery's still dont help
  3. Is there anyway to un brick a bb
  4. I extracted the 1.3 version and moved it to the bb root i didnt open upgrade or anything just the first file and yes in arming it does the recovery like it says blinks red then red/blue then green but i plug it back into the comp but it dosent come up at all , is my bb broken forever now ??
  5. I tried this many times and still nothing
  6. I NEED HELP , TRIED UPGRADING NEW FIRMWARE TO MY BB THAT I GOT TODAY & NOW IT DOSENT WORK AT ALL !!!!! , it blinks green then nothing , dosent even show uo into my drivers anymore after trying to upgrade to 1.3 ......
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