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  1. Hi Darren, Please, I nned your help. I have done everything you said in your post, but when I try to open the tools from Windows--> BB--> Tools , it tells me that the tools file is damaged or unreadable. I am not able to install the tools... Please, help me.thanks Raquel
  2. Hi everybody, When I try to install the tools in Windowws--> BB--> Tools, I can´t open it. It tells me that de file is damaged or is unreadable. If I cannot install the tools, I won´t be able to use it. thanks Rachel
  3. Hi everybody , I really love this BB, but i need a bit of help. I would appreciate if someone could explain me slowly ( I am not an IT literate, sorry), how to : - Install the tools - Change the language into Spanish (es) I am not able to run nearly any single payloads, apart from "Hello world) :-( Thanks for you help Rachel
  4. Hi Tim, I am trying to run the tools from Windows. ¿How did you sort it out? ¿Could you make it work? I am feeling stupid, believe me. Thanks
  5. Hi, I tried to download your link but in did not work. Have you deleted? Could be great if we could use it. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have the same problem than you. Could you sort it out? Could you please help me? I would love to have a skype conversation with you, as I need help with the QUICKCREDS. I do not mind paying for the help, but please help me. Thanks Maria
  7. Hi, I have the same problem than you. Could you make it work? Please, if so, I would like to know how. I am getting mad about my BB. Thanks
  8. Hi , Could we keep on chatting tonight? Thanks
  9. I have to go now. it is very late for me. Thanks for your help, but i need some sleep. "Talk" to you on Sunday, if you have time. thanks for all your time
  10. Yes. in the QUICKCRED there are 2 files : the payload + the readme.md (not txt) file that explains you what isthe payload for
  11. In the order of the readme.txt
  12. the leds began lighting. And it created some folders in the LOOT folder... empties
  13. in switch 1. Then changed the BB into Armying mode
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