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  1. I have to agree that the current state of the Nano isn't ideal. I've had Mark IV and V pineapple and those run like a dream when compared to the nano. From day 1 I've had issues with the microSD like quite a number of other posts out there. When I finally got things up and running and attempted to run a site survey by just wandering my building with the pinapple, I found that the management SSID wasn't available which would only show up after rebooting the device, which at that point the logs from my recon were gone. Like another post said, I'm spending more time troubleshooting issues with the Nano than actually using it, which is a shame when previous products were pretty solid and reliable.
  2. So I got a new SDCard and can actually use it. The only catch is that I have to remove and reinsert it while the Nano is running, it doesn't seem to detect automatically from a startup.
  3. I just got a Nano to replace my Mark V and was going through the setup process. After inserting my brand new 32GB SD card which was detected by the Nano. I followed the instructions and used the web interface to format the SDCard, out of the box it was FAT after all, and afterwards the Nano does not detect it anymore. I have moved the SDCard to the linux system that I use to manage the Nano and the card detects just fine. I even reformatted it for ext4 on that system, which completed successfully was re-detected correctly by the linux system, but when returned to the Nano it still doesn't detect correctly. I have even factory reset the Nano after everything and it still fails to see the SDCard. I'm seeing a lot of posts out there regarding the Nano and SDCards, is there an issue or just a specific brand that we we have to use?
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