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  1. What firmware version are you using? If you are using 1.1 you can put your BB in arming mode (switch 3) and in the root storage folder there should be a "tools" directory. Any folder or .deb file you put in that directory will be installed in /tools/ on the BB filesystem the next time you plug your BB in under arming mode. Make sure to safely eject the storage drive between doing this.
  2. Great stuff @Fang_Shadow, works great. Just for anyone else who is curious you can 'rm -r /tools/responder' the older responder version and then simply place this new responder_2.3.3.6-2.deb in the tools folder when the BB is mounted as storage. Safely remove the mounted BB and then plug it back in and it should install successfully as "NBT-NS, LLMNR & MDNS Responder" which fixes several issues including dumping a bad NetNTLMv2 hash. Cheers.
  3. Nevermind, I kind of figured it out, if the UAC setting is the default your script works fine and selects "yes" on the UAC window. If the UAC setting on the host is "do not dim my desktop" then it does not work unless someone manually selects "yes", which isn't a big deal since unlocked access is required anyways. I'll try to find a way which works for both UAC settings unless you have a suggestion.
  4. My fault, it's right there in the payload comments :) It seems "Q ALT y" doesn't interact with my UAC prompt because after the powershell command is run the UAC window comes up but it's not in focus or in the foreground so no commands/keys work. However, if I click the UAC window and try "ALT y" it successfully closes the UAC window. Not sure if this is a common BB issue or just something weird with my host.
  5. Thanks for your work qdba. I tested it on my Windows 10 box and it seemed to work perfectly (on the 3rd attempt). Just to note, if UAC is enabled on the system, it will require quick interaction to choose "yes" when prompted about making changes to the device: http://i.imgur.com/0NdTJPJ.png
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