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  1. I have version 1.1_228 and I think I have fully installed responder and impacket but I may not have done things correctly. When I try to use quickcreds it lights up purple for a minuite then just blinks red. How I installed the tools was download them from GitHub then put the tools in the tools folder. After that I unplugged and replugged them back in and the folders disappeared. Then I remoted in to the bash bunny and ran the setup.py for impacket and it looked like responder did not have a setup.py file.
  2. I'm not sure that I installed them correctly. It took the responder that I put in tools and deleted it. Once I get in to com3 and see the tools from remote shell I had it install same with impacket. Once I try to do quickcreads it just blinks yellow until It stops blinking. The folder is created for quickcreads but has nothing it it.
  3. Ok then were do I get the most common tools? I know like quickcreads requires impacket if I remember correctly.
  4. I am trying to install the tools for my bash bunny and everyone keeps telling me it's in the payloads but it is not. Can someone send me a working link?
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