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  1. I am having some problems changing the keyboard layout of the duckyscripts to my language (norwegian). For example, in the ADDADMIN payload, it uses net user and "/" to pass arguments, naturally. But where the "/" is on a english keyboard, on a norwegian it is a "-". i have tried to change DUCKY_LANG in the config.txt file, and the actual payload script file. is there anybody that can help me?
  2. The tools_instller hasnt worked since 1.1 upgrade. Ples help me fix this
  3. Cool but i have had problem with LED it blincs once and REALLY fast plss help
  4. Hi. I am trying to do the Tools_installer and it have failed. i have had the same problem before and i put the bunny into recovery mode and when it was done the first payload i testet was the tools_installer. then it worked but now it doesnt and i need to be 100% sure that it doesnt hurt the poor bunny
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