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  1. Tetra firmware upgrade failed

    Crisis averted. With the ***CORRECT*** factory firmware image found here: https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/faq under the section: firmware recovery I was able to flash this and recover the tetra.
  2. Tetra firmware upgrade failed

    So I have a similar issue. But I did not do anything screwy from the console messing up the flash etc. So I believe my pineapple can be recovered. I have the "Bad magic number 0x73797375" message when the pineapple tetra boots. I can boot it and flash a new bin file via the web gui at, but when it boots I get the bad magic number. What can I do from the uart console to fix this? Should I try to put the bin file on a tftp server (host which the tetra plugs into)?? is there some other way to clean / refresh / reinstall the original firmware on the device?