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  1. Wish I could edit. Like XDA, can make cleaner threads and self mod.
  2. I know, sorry about that. It was late and I was getting frustrated (I didnt think it was going to be a permanent location until it was). Its amazing how much emotional investment occurs in the beginning of anything. Once me and this aggressive/beautiful component get better in tune, I'll have other new things I'll be upset about!
  3. My first thread here on Hak5, so bare with me I don't follow rules. If I violate anything please ask me to stop, within reason I will comply. I'm just going to say this one time: I'm not responsible for your poor decision to do this. You break it, youre buying a new one, not me. Blame me for anything and I will laugh in your face, and make fun of you to my friends. That being said, lets start hacking some Pineapples! Goals: I want to construct a chroot environment discussed here by Matt Burch https://www.optiv.com/blog/pineapple-corporate-toolkit-part-1 Where he di
  4. Unlikely. I bricked mine and was able to have it fixed without bothering Darren, Seb and the gang. Whats your physical and network set up look like? sudo ssh root@ or Gets you in, but if youre using a VM to do this you also need to remember to make sure that the device is attached to the guest properly. If all of this is old news, (and this one gets me every time), make sure that the connection from the pineapple is the first micro usb port (next to the 12v barrel power input), to the computer/android that you are sending commands through.
  5. I'm just a student/enthusiast but could this help? https://www.tunnelbear.com/blog/linux_support/ Also, if you have an unlimited phone plan Cyanogenmod will open your hotspot and allow you use your data the way want.
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