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  1. I did not use SSH, i used Also, there was nothing to browse or connect to as the device was stuck on amber light state which indicates that it's not ready or have not booted up yet. It is happening with either a USB connectivity or a power adapter. Reset button is not doing anything, no matter how long I hold it.
  2. Hi guys, so I bough the Tetra, had it delivered and setup, and after testing out various things I realized that its defective. I had a replacement shipped to me, and when I plugged it in the amber light would stay lit and nothing else would happen, even through direct power. Did anyone else experience defects, or am I just too lucky to get 2 defective units in a row?
  3. Thanks Sebkinne, how would you recommend I run the recon scan? It seems to be detecting clients in 30 seconds and up but not on the 15 second scan. I also feel like it's doing better when either the 2.4 or the 5.0 are used, but not both at the same time. Are there any best practices you would recommend?
  4. Hey folks, so I got the new Pineapple Tetra delivered to me today, I got it all hooked up, firmware installed, and internet set up. Then I wanted to try out the recon mode and identify both access points as well as their associated clients in the vicinity; however, the only option I got is to run it in a mode which only discovers the access points, but no clients. Am I doing something wrong?
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