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  1. Greetings, I have been toying around with my Rubber Ducky for a couple days now and I have been doing some tests on Windows 10 64bit mostly. I am currently running twinduck version: c_duck_v2_S002. I was ideally looking for a payload that would use mimikatz to extract the windows password from the current user and save it onto the ducky itself but none have worked yet. I also tried out the web server method with a local hosted apache2 web server(replacing the x's with my actual local hosted address): DELAY 1000 REM Open an admin command prompt GUI r DELAY 500 STRING powershell S
  2. Your version doesn't bypass the running scripts. I get something like: running scripts is disabled on this machine. Which means it can't execute mimikatz script. Did you fix that yet?
  3. I ran it together with the correct im.ps1 on a Windows 10 machine(yes my usb is named 'DUCK'). Commands ran properly until the last STRING I think then the powershell session just did nothing and hanged on the last string. A file was never created so I am assuming mimikatz didn't even run. Could it be the case sensivity in ' do @set duck=%d' and %duck%? I have the feeling the last IF isn't executed because it is returned False.
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