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  1. My pineapple nano will not connect to my Linux VM. I know the port is working because it will read a thumb drive. When the interface asks me to connect the nano to the computer all I get is the infinite ........................ However my VM will read a thumb drive. Any suggestions anyone :-) ?
  2. Cool ... I will do the same and share with you. Thanks again.
  3. First of all thank you once again...this is the furthest Ive gotten thanks to your advice...here are the steps I went through in order before I got it up and running. Nano had no internet connection. It did before when I tinkered with it so I think I screwed it up. The app is successfully downloaded, I enabled tethering, ensured file transfer is enabled on my Nexus, and I still get the "waiting for connection" ... Restarted the device with the nano connected to it ... same result Restarted the device again with the nano connected to it ... and now the nano's pineapple server address comes up in the address bar on the screen and is attempting to load....and after a while it says "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" Ensured that my Nexus device is on the network name I gave the nano...that didn't work...My Nexus connects but there is no internet now. I will do a factory reset... Ok...after the factory reset and a couple of restarts on my device it worked. 1. Here is what I learned. I had to be away from any networks that my device picks up in order for the nano to make a connection. 2. I also had to have a good clear view of the sky. In my room it was a 'no-go'. Out on the patio, which has a sheetmetal roof it was in and out. With a clear view of the sky it worked...bulletins did load. Probably something that is a no brainer for you but it took me resetting it per your instructions along with some troubleshooting to get it right. Again thank you...If I may ask... What first nano tool would you recommend I use? How are you using that specific tool(s)?
  4. Yes sir I am. I also have the Pineapple connector in NetHunter on my Nexus6 device but I have yet to figure that out as I am still battling through this. Thank you so much for the reply.
  5. Anyway you can post a YouTube video on that... :-)
  6. @Freaky Nightmare I promise no one is as green as I am. Quick question...how did you factory reset the nano (told you). Press & hold the reset button I presume. Im working the nano on my Android device and it says 'Waiting for connection' and will never connect. I tried connecting through NetHunter and it still cannot connect. Any suggestions...anyone?
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