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  1. Hello, I recently received my Lanturtle, I set up autossh following Darren's video... When my lanturtle is connected to my computer I manage to ssh as root into localhost (ssh root@localhost -p 2222), however when I plug my lanturtle into a USB power source and connect it to my lan I cannot seem to ssh into it using the same technique. (ssh root@localhost -p 2222) Instead I get the error: ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer. Please Help! Thank you
  2. Hello, I am having problems with a new sdcard i just bought... 32 GB and 80 MB/s. I am able to download the modules to my sdcard... it is written "Succesfully downloaded" but I do not see them on my GUI... They are on the sdcard but not the GUI. Thank you I really need help
  3. I do indeed have an error with my sdcard... I'll change it soon to see if it gets better! Thank You! But I did not do any logging at all...
  4. Hello, I am new to this and I just received my NANO a couple of days ago, so please bear with me . I was downloading modules and trying them out, and then I ran out of memory space... So i removed ALL the modules I already have thinking it would make some space on my NANO... but NO! Even with no modules it writes: " You do not have enough free space to install this module. Please insert an SD card and ensure that it is formatted correctly." How can I free some memory space? I even added a sdcard (I also formatted it) but it still tells me that I do not of enough memory space... Please Help. Thank you, PureInspire
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