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  1. What's the outlook on stock in the coming weeks/months. Will it be a case of your guys ordering stock as needed or will there be a relatively steady supply coming in to meet potential demand? I'm definitely thinking I'll be ordering more units (at least one more) once I do some testing and exploring with the basic TETRA. Your opinion will definitely shape how quickly I or urgently I will be placing my second order.
  2. Scratch that post. Looks like mine got a pickup scan today so Friday is the day - my original guess will be correct. I'm happy with that! Just glad to know it's on the move finally. I sort of regret not getting the tactical bundle but I'm sure I'll be handing over my credit card info again soon once I see this beast in action.
  3. Darren, Thank you so much for that comprehensive post. I'll hope to see mine tomorrow assuming it left yesterday :) I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I appreciate all the work you do for the IT/infosec community. I am very much looking forward to giving this device a whirl. I might just be picking up a second one or maybe a NANO or perhaps the tac edition of the TETRA.
  4. What shipping option did you pick? USPS or one of the UPS options?
  5. Mine was not delivered today with the daily mail from USPS. My bar is set at Friday still. Hopefully USPS can at least push me some tracking updates! Can't be THAT hard to run a tracking system on par with UPS and FedEx...
  6. Yes I figured the usual caveats apply. I live in a suburban area where the houses are close but the streets have some good spacing between them. Terrain is a bit hilly as well which could further cut down on my range. But anything remotely like what you are describing will be very impressive.
  7. Seriously? That is incredible. Can't wait...
  8. Be sure to take pictures so those of us still waiting can envy you! ;)
  9. Still worth the wait IMO - most of us have waited this long without issue so far so what's a few extra days ;) I still think it's possible some of us with USPS shipping might just be a victim of the terrible consistency in tracking updates for that carrier. I have 4 Amazon packages due to be delivered today that all say out for delivery - here's to crossing my fingers the TETRA is in with them :D
  10. Yeah Darren and Seb have seemingly been very gung-ho on the range on the TETRA. One of the things I'm really looking forward to seeing. Seems like an absolute powerhouse of a device.
  11. Yeah...I really hate USPS tracking but they reliably do deliver to my address. At least locally here I'd probably rank the major couriers as UPS, USPS, FedEx (could be different elsewhere). Although I have noticed USPS tracking got a bit better in the last year or so when Amazon started routing a ton more packages through them for last mile delivery. However, the last week or so I've had lagging tracking for a number of packages through them (not only this Hak5 package). Hopefully it's a case of lagging updates vs not being shipped out. If they went out on Monday I should have it today! But I think perhaps closer to Friday is a better bet ;)
  12. Mine seems to be stuck on the "shipping label created" stage on the USPS website.
  13. Hopefully everyone who did not receive did check their spam folders and such before reporting not receiving it at all. Also possible that a few here and there did not check their spam folders until it had cleared from the spam inbox (not sure what the various email providers offer in terms of longevity for spam). Or maybe it was just a hiccup. Either way, thank you once again for the effort you guys (and gals) have gone through with everything.
  14. I got the priority mail 2-day shipping for mine. So hopefully this time Wednesday I'll be unpacking an exciting box. Can't wait to see all the stuff we'll be able to do with it.
  15. Yes! Just got my shipping notice a little earlier as well. So excited. Thanks to all of the Hak5 team for working so hard and keeping us all posted.
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