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  1. This device is certainly a novelty if you are only interested in infosec as a hobby. It is my opinion the availability of pen testing equipment to the general public creates a false perception of "hacking." Not that infosec is a hobby for you, but PineAP is not all the pineapple has to offer. As far as attracting clients, it is critical to understand what clients you desire. A little social engineering in addition to understanding exactly what you are trying to accomplish will go a long way. For me, it seems like it is much harder to snare clients in a "lab" compared to a real deployment.
  2. This could be the work of a IDS (Intrusion Detection System). It is possible the AP on the nano is identified as an unauthorized Access Point
  3. +1 the HTTPS problem hasn't been much of an issue for me as iPhones are usually what I am after and they request captive.apple.com (plain http). Other devices however never show the portal. The redirect has also been problematic for me. Loving the work so far!
  4. I'm a little confused. I was only mentioning the fact DNSspoof successfully creates a log in hopes that would exclude the SD card from being the problem. I do understand the logs generated by modules are not related to the logs generated by reporting. My issue is the reporting module does not generate a log.
  5. The reporting module is not generating any logfiles. I have reflashed and done a format on the SD with no luck. I have tested the DNSspoof module and it successfully generates a logfiles. http://imgur.com/a/Dso1t
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