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  1. nmap scan and iPhone

    Thanks for the info. I will try more scans with the filters mentioned and compare results. For the record, this is not a pentest. I am a serial tinkerer. Anytime I am with friends/family and I know everyone has a device connected to the local network I am running various scans out of curiosity. Again, it sparked an interest when this iPhone responded to the scan in this way. While the phones have different apps, I can not think of either that would have extra "firewall or IDS" installed. Different settings in the settings menu i'm sure, but other than that, the apps are nothing special. My main concern is nefarious activity. To that degree, none of these filtered ports could be related to any type of backdoor or malware on the device right?
  2. nmap scan and iPhone

    nmap -T4 -A -v
  3. nmap scan and iPhone

    They do not have the same apps. Thank you for the replies. I don't know much about nmap, but have run numerous scans and this was the first time i've ran into an iPhone with all these "filtered" ports. A little googling of the ports didn't provide me with any reliable information, so I was a bit alarmed.
  4. nmap scan and iPhone

    Can anyone explain why there would be such a difference when both iPhones are running iOS10? One is a 6, other 6s, but each running 10.0.2 iPhone 6 668/tcp filtered mecomm 1045/tcp filtered fpitp 1087/tcp filtered cplscrambler-in 1687/tcp filtered nsjtp-ctrl 1900/tcp filtered upnp 3261/tcp filtered winshadow 3998/tcp filtered dnx 4550/tcp filtered gds-adppiw-db 5221/tcp filtered 3exmp 5633/tcp filtered beorl 8292/tcp filtered blp3 9999/tcp filtered abyss 10566/tcp filtered unknown 18101/tcp filtered unknown 19101/tcp filtered unknown 62078/tcp open tcpwrapped 64623/tcp filtered unknown iPhone 6s 62078/tcp open tcpwrapped
  5. This device is certainly a novelty if you are only interested in infosec as a hobby. It is my opinion the availability of pen testing equipment to the general public creates a false perception of "hacking." Not that infosec is a hobby for you, but PineAP is not all the pineapple has to offer. As far as attracting clients, it is critical to understand what clients you desire. A little social engineering in addition to understanding exactly what you are trying to accomplish will go a long way. For me, it seems like it is much harder to snare clients in a "lab" compared to a real deployment.
  6. ICS on macOS: A Future-Resilient HOWTO

    I was having issues like this as well. Nano connected to a rMBP 2015 via USB ethernet adapter WITH 3 USB ports. The point here is, OS X needs to be told to share the connection with Ax88x72A if available, instead of USB 10/100/1000 {in my case}. Once I made this switch, the two simple commands audibleblink shared worked flawlessly! Thanks audibleblink.
  7. Pineapple and Login/Password Wi-Fi

    This could be the work of a IDS (Intrusion Detection System). It is possible the AP on the nano is identified as an unauthorized Access Point
  8. [Official] EvilPortal

    +1 the HTTPS problem hasn't been much of an issue for me as iPhones are usually what I am after and they request captive.apple.com (plain http). Other devices however never show the portal. The redirect has also been problematic for me. Loving the work so far!
  9. Reporting

    Thanks for the info.
  10. Reporting

    I'm a little confused. I was only mentioning the fact DNSspoof successfully creates a log in hopes that would exclude the SD card from being the problem. I do understand the logs generated by modules are not related to the logs generated by reporting. My issue is the reporting module does not generate a log.
  11. Reporting

    The reporting module is not generating any logfiles. I have reflashed and done a format on the SD with no luck. I have tested the DNSspoof module and it successfully generates a logfiles. http://imgur.com/a/Dso1t