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  1. I think my issue is that I'm dealing with an environment setup of Cisco wifi controllers (2500 series), which may be making it hard to cooperate. Has anyone worked with a Pineapple in such a wifi environment?
  2. thanks for the input- I will try this, for my device.. . The ultimate goal would be to fool a separate non-associated device to connect without user intervention which seems not likely.. . but perhaps when I learned a little more I can figure out. . . will keep you posted- thanks again for the time to teach a little.
  3. Thanks for responses... just wanted to get a sense of expectation here... seems to be more involved, but just discouraging that I haven't been able to actually get into network, device yet.. . I'll keep plugging. I don't have any malicious intent but desire the insight. . Is this pretty much the only tool/device of it's kind?
  4. Thanks for response. I'm doing this in my company so it's possible the AP is stronger - -but my phone/tab/iphone is within a couple of feet with the nano. Let me ask you this, so I don't keep wasting time - - 'should' they be connecting automatically even if the real AP is password protected/encrypted wpa?.. When I attempted to connect to pineapple manually connect I get a message about it being unsecure - could that obstacle be the reason it doesn't connect automatically on the deauth?.
  5. Can someone please clear up for me if this device is worth using in 2016? I can understand it's value perhaps in 2010-12 or earlier. I've allowed 3 MAC addresses for pine to spoof an access point- android, iphone, android tablet. Everything in Pine turned on. None of these devices automagically connect. The only thing that did work on one was a deauth - but the client just rejoined the saved 'real' access point. The only way I was able to become a client on the fake network was to manually find it and join it (which thereafter was followed by a prompt about being an unsecure network and having to touch continue to join it [which would NEVER fool anyone at any establishment's wifi]). Plus my iphone did not even display the fake access point. Is something wrong with my equipment or just this device only really begin to work on open networks? Are there any modules that help out with this? Are there any 'WiFi-Pineapple' devices for our time in 2016? I'm not knocking the development- it is nice, but I feel like i purchased an outdated obsolete device - -did I? Please someone help with some insight. thank you
  6. I've added my android mac address to 'allowed clients' and company's AP to allowed ssid. It looks like when i deauth my phone's wifi connection does get interrupted a bit, however it does not connect to the pineapple - it just reconnects eventually back up to the real AP. I have Associations and all the rest of the checkboxes ticked - so it's supposed to be turned on. Is this because there's a password/encryption of wpa2? Does this only connect clients who are automatically probing for OPEN networks? If so- - what are people doing these days as open networks are pretty much a thing of past for anyone setting up wifi.. . . thanks for help.
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