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  1. I also get connection refused when i reboot my system sometimes. Then i ssh in the vps and type reboot [enter] and im able to connect again.
  2. Did you follow this tutorial? https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/36292-video-104-persistent-shell-access-with-autossh/page-2#entry266333
  3. Lol omg, i saw the title before but thaught i needed a pineapple. Thanks man!
  4. Is it possible? Like WiFi -> ethernet adapter (turtle)
  5. No i dont expect it to boot without a power source. I plug it in my Raspberry pi 2 with ubuntu mate. It doesnt always boot when i first plugin the ethernet cable in the turtle and then plug it in my raspberry It works when i plugin the turtle in the raspberry first and wait till the led light stops blink and then plugin the ethernet cable.
  6. Ive been trying to set this up for 3 times now and it wont spoof any website to the index.html file. I got no errors nothing, SimpleHTTPServer 80 command also works. I did the exact same steps like in the video, why it doesn't work? -V3RT!90
  7. I got my Lan Turtle yesterday, i already got the lan turtle accessable from everywhere via SSH and a cloud server. I noticed when i plug in the lan turtle with the ethernet cable already in it, it wont connect. Im not able to SSH in the turtle through the cloud, it says connection refused. But when i plug in the turtle first and wait till the orange light stops blinking and plug in the ethernet cable, it all works fine! Is this normal? One more question; Sometimes after a reboot im not able to connect to the turtle, it also says connection refused! Any solution for this? Thanks, V3RT!90
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