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  1. Hi guys, Simple PowerShell question; If I want to copy a multi-line set of data to the clipboard, what is the best way to do it? I have the below at the moment, which successfully copies the data between the braces, however the variable $testing is literally copied as "$testing", and not as "blabla". Any better way of doing this? Thanks. $testing = "blabla" {Testing 1 Testing 2 Testing 3 $testing etc } | clip
  2. Ah, I'll have to take a look at home, DropBox is blocked at work.
  3. Ah, those are references to other parts of that Python script. Can you post the lines leading up to 'errread, errwrite', and also see if there is a function called 'child_exception' and post it?
  4. What do lines 390 and 1024 in "/usr/lib/python2.7/subprocess.py" say? This as well.
  5. As it sounds; does that file or directory exist? Do you have Python installed? Is it version 2.7? If not, install and make sure "/usr/lib/python2.7/subprocess.py" exists. If you do have it installed, check what the path is. It might not be python2.7, in which case you'll have to amend the script to point to the correct directory.
  6. Why so many Apples

    Proof? https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/01/03/android_tops_2016_vuln_list_with_523_bugs/ http://uk.businessinsider.com/android-most-vulnerable-operating-system-in-2016-2017-1 http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/apple-ios-vs-google-android-which-more-secure-smartphone-os-1547396 https://www.scmagazineuk.com/android-tops-2016-vulnerability-list-security-industry-says-meh/article/630059/ etc. etc. etc. I don't like Apple products, but no one can pretend that they aren't more secure compared with Android, as evidenced by many sources. *edit* Of course, one could argue that the most vulnerable part of any OS is the user, and that iOS users trend towards being less IT savvy, but that's my/an opinion rather than evidence based. This is also from experience; try pentesting an iPhone and an Android based phone. You'll find more ways in to an Android phone. I'm certainly not saying that iOS is 'unhackable', but it has less attack vectors, ergo more secure. Maybe I should have phrased it as 'better security', rather than 'great'. Nothing has 'great' security.
  7. Why so many Apples

    Personally, I see it this way; iThingies Great security. Androidness Great everything else.
  8. Headless Pi Wardriving w/ Kismet

    I run a headless RPi3 in my car for automation. Use this and SSH in to it from your phone/whatever you like. Full shell on-the-go. And when you're near a recognised WiFi, it connects to that instead. Lovely. When you disconnect the SSH session, the RPi can carry on whatever it's doing. You can then SSH back in to it at a later time and stop kismet. Use the bg and fg commands when running Kismet and you can come back to it later.
  9. Ah, bingo. Using -eq $false worked. Strange how -eq "False" didn't work when PasswordExpired confirmed that was it's exact state. Any idea why it does this? Thank you, appreciated. Should have worked that out myself, but man has it been a busy day!
  10. Why is the below not working correctly? It should Write-Host 'Active', but it doesn't? PS C:\Windows\system32> $(Get-ADUser JoeBloggs -Properties *).PasswordExpired False PS C:\Windows\system32> if ($(Get-ADUser JoeBloggs -Properties *).PasswordExpired -eq "False") { Write-Host "Active" } else { Write-Host "Locked" } Locked Thanks.
  11. Can dsl lines between houses be used for a network ?

    You mentioned that line-of-sight between the buildings is not possible, due to trees. Please see the below information. http://www.digitalairwireless.com/wireless-blog/t-5ghz/non-line-of-sight-feasibility.html Dog Legging Dog legging is when both ends of the link have not got line of sight to each other, but both have line of sight to a common point. This common point can be used as an intermediate point or "dog leg". The most efficient way to use this point is to have 2 separate wireless bridges (4 radios total) as there is no loss of throughput. It is possible also to create a dog leg by having the intermediate point repeat the signal however this will half the links throughput as the central radio has to spend half its time listening to signals sent to it, and the other repeating them. Using a Lower Frequency Lower frequencies have longer wavelengths so are less prone to the effects of attenuation. A great example of this when you look at Dual band access points inside buildings. If you take a reading in the next room you will see that the 2.4GHz signal is stronger than the 5GHz (in most cases). This is because the shorter wavelength of the 5GHz signal is effected more by the walls than the 2.4GHz. For this reason, high frequency microwave links such as 60 and 80GHz require perfect line of sight, whereas 5GHz links can often punch through trees and bushes etc. If your 5GHz link is not working then a 2.4GHz may be the answer. Raise The Output Power The higher the output power, the more likely the signal is to penetrate any obstacles. You need to be careful to operate within legal limits however if you take 5GHz as an example then if operating in band B you can only output at 1W. If this is not enough then moving to operate in band C will allow you to output at 4W which may solve your problem. Physically Mount the link higher The simplest way to achieve line of site in a lot of cases is to mount your wireless equipment on the top of large poles. The pole must be properly mounted and guided down to prevent movement. Multipath is your friend In some cases it may be possible to use surrounding buildings or reflective surfaces to bounce the wireless signal around corners or obstacles. This can be a bit hit and miss and result in low data rates, but I have seen a fair number of links use this method and work fine. In short, just because you don’t have line of sight, it doesn\'t mean a link cant be achieved but until you actually survey the link using the correct hardware you are not going to know for sure. Use caution in situations where the environment can change. For example if you have a link that goes through trees and works well during the winter, that same link may not work during the summer when the trees are in bloom!
  12. Can dsl lines between houses be used for a network ?

    5000ft of buried Ethernet cable is a bit too far. I'd go for a Bridged Wi-Fi solution (as mentioned by digip, use directional antennas on top of each building, pointing at each other). Then yes, they can definitely communicate over Wi-Fi without external internet being available. You'd have to set up a router on each end.
  13. Can dsl lines between houses be used for a network ?

    Reminds me of Uni. Me and my flatmate next door found that the Uni internet was too slow for our gaming purposes, so we drilled a small hole in the wall and simply ran Ethernet between us. Went from 200+ ms PING to about 4ms PING. Unfortunately, I spent more time at Uni playing games than actual work. Damn that cable.
  14. Bash Bunny Screen Logger

    I am uncertain what your requirements are exactly, but I think the PowerShell linked above would do fine. Plug in Bunny Call PowerShell script - https://gist.github.com/guitarrapc/9870497 That PowerShell script takes a screenshot every # seconds and saves it to the Bunny / wherever Leave it running. Come back later and retrieve Bunny and screenshots. Profit. Not a machine that would recognise PowerShell? Just use another language. I think you're potentially over complicating things.