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  1. Hi all, I'm creating a PowerShell script and am attempting to use; "$variable1,$variable2,$variable3" | Add-Content -Path "file.csv" -Encoding UTF8 The variables echo/write-host as; Variable1 Hello Variable2 World Variable3 Hello World My issue is that the Add-Content above should create a CSV file like this; Hello,World,Hello World But it doesn't. Instead, it creates; Hello,World,Hello World How can I go about using Add-Content to export to CSV, but get it to ignore new lines? Opened in Excel, I want 'cell' C1 to be 'Hello World', but at the moment it's creating cell C1 as "Hello" and cell A2 (which shouldn't even exist in this case) as " World" Note: I'm stuck with PowerShell version 3 unfortunately. Thank you.
  2. Converting omni-directional wifi to directional

    This! Love it. Technically speaking, you could create a faraday cage around an antenna (a pringles can would do just fine, or polished copper is good), with a slit on one side at the same width of the beam you require (or simply the hole in the top of the can), but to be honest this is a complete waste of time and effort when you consider that a decent directional antenna is a few bucks. It'd probably work like crap too, as an Omni would push to signal initially out in the wrong directions, so you'll be relying on bounced signals only, which would probably be rubbish. Heck, you can get a 20+db antenna for £50/$70.
  3. Sorry, your explanation wasn't very good English. I assume that you're looking to confirm if a website is sending information in clear text, rather than encrypted? That's what http and https are for. Just look at the URL.
  4. a few questions about "my" chromebook

    I iz 12yr old kid, wnt to tak over world with sum1 else's PC (that I don't av permissions to use), giz me the hacks!
  5. You're going to need to elaborate on what you mean.
  6. What Password Code is this?

    https://itstillworks.com/convert-sqlite-text-10064804.html " Load a SQLite database and enter the sqlite3 environment by typing the following text at the command prompt: $ sqlite3 mydb.db Replace "mydb.db" with the name of your database. A database with the specified name will be created if none already exists. Convert a value to the TEXT data type with the "CAST" expression by typing the following command at the command prompt: $ sqlite3 my_db.db INSERT INTO my_table VALUES(CAST(97 AS TEXT)) Replace "my_table" with the name of your table. In the code, the number 97 is inserted into the table as a TEXT value. Exit the sqlite3 environment by typing ".quit", ".q" or ".exit." and pressing the "Enter" key. "
  7. Kismet and Gpsd serial

    Haven't heard of it before. Found this though; TIOCGSERIAL: called to get a bunch of serial line information from your device all at once. A pointer to a struct serial_struct is passed to this call, which your driver should fill up with the proper values. Some programs (like setserial and dip) call this function to make sure that the baud rate was set properly and to get general information on what type of device your tty is. (http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/6226) Doesn't mean much to me, apart from the 'get general information on what type of device your tty is', which may be your issue (not finding the correct type for your phone as a tty, or vice versa). Someone else here may be able to advise.
  8. Kismet and Gpsd serial

    No worries. I'm at a loose end to be honest, I'll do some more thinking and get back to you if I think of anything.
  9. A few questions first; Have you attempted to use the standard recovery for the email login (clicked 'forgot password', answered security questions, etc. as appropriate) If no luck, have you contacted the suppliers of the email domain and asked them to assist? What was the outcome? Do you have any easier methods of recovery available to you? Such as your internet browser saving the password, it being written down somewhere, etc.? Sorry to ask basic questions, but at first glance it sounds like this isn't your email.
  10. Kismet and Gpsd serial

    Seems OK, rfcomm is indeed using /dev/rfcomm0 as expected, as it created it. Try this: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2138993
  11. Kismet and Gpsd serial

    Try sudo lsof | grep rfcomm0 Let us know the output if no luck.
  12. Kismet and Gpsd serial

    Have you run the following? gpsd /dev/rfcomm0 (to ask gpsd to use the data from /dev/rfcomm0) *edit* I'm guessing so, based on 'ERROR: /dev/rfcomm0: device activation failed.' Hmm... you can tell which device/resource is using rfcomm0 by running; sudo lsof | grep rfcomm0 and then kill it off? Can't test at the moment as I'm on a Windows machine
  13. WWIII simulator

    Nice! I'm jealous
  14. traceroute to DoD

    Elaboration would help greatly; What is/who are DoD? Screenshot? Paste of traceroute? Does this DoD have an internal IP?