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  1. Hacker - Someone who likes full control over everything techie they (or others) own. MacOS - An operating system that is the complete opposite of control, striving to lock down every little thing that a user should be able to do, but now can't. No thanks, I'll stick with Linux.
  2. The link is now broken. Can anyone provide a new link to the firmware? Thanks.
  3. This. Wiping my PC is almost an annual spring clean thing for me. I accumulate too much crud, plus it 99.9% guarantees to remove any dodgy stuff that AV didn't pick up. I like to wear my tin foil hat whilst doing it, too.
  4. I'm one of these nutters that wipes their PC more often than they need to But yes, good point!
  5. Someone comes in with a Windows 10 PC that they can't remember the password for? Use the Utilman.exe > cmd.exe trick to get root CMD prompt. Reset the password for the user you need to log in to. Create new user. Log in with new user. Grab all data the owner of the PC wants to keep. Wipe machine and reinstall Windows 10 from scratch. Replace saved data. Profit. No need to over-complicate things. The majority of users that forget their Windows password are going to be the kinds of people who only have family photos and save game files (etc.
  6. Back in my teen years, Wing Commander Prophecy was absolutely brilliant.
  7. This is fantastic; https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aukey-Powerpack-Portable-Powerbank-Smartphone/dp/B00SR5N5HU 20000 mAh. I get a full day of power for the RPi from it, plus I can use it to charge a multitude of other devices, 2 at a time. It's rugged and solid, a little weighty but not too bad, and certainly not a Chinese rip-off. I've had mine a year and it's still just as good. It's a good price too. £20, or around $30.
  8. Favourite game: Thief Series Favourite OS: Kali Favourite console: I don't tend to console game, although I have an xbox 360. Nationality: English Accent: English, slightly posh apparently. Favourite band: At the moment? Eisbrecher Favourite book: The Necroscope Series Favourite author: Brian Lumley Favourite movie: Back To The Future series Favourite director: No idea. I don't really notice who directs what. Favourite TV Show: House, Battlestar, Death Note Favourite actors: Rowan Atkinson or Hugh Laurie Favourite Pinup: No particular favorite. Although not really 'pinups', as a kid, I put up
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