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  1. haze1434

    Not a hacker, need help.

    I would; Contact the Police and give them as much information as possible. Contact Instagram Customer Support with details of the previous account names the culprit has used and quote to them the Police contact details and case number, so that they can pass along details of the phone numbers/email addresses used to sign up with. Hopefully from this the Police will have some evidence of your ex or someone associated with them setting the accounts up.
  2. haze1434

    Hacker EDC? defcon EDC? every day carry?

    This. Then you come across the I-need-the-thing-I-only-removed-from-my-bag-2-days-ago-because-i-never-used-it scenario
  3. haze1434

    Smartwatch hacking

    Under UK law (and likely most other places), if you purchase a device and it is owned by you, you can do what you like with it, including hacking it. Hacking other people's devices without written permission is inappropriate. Hacking your own devices is fine (and fun).
  4. haze1434

    linux distro for pen testing

    Parrot is better than Kali, IMO, however Kali is more widely supported and used in tutorials.
  5. haze1434


    So it might be failing on the following line (259); while [[ "$MDK3_MAIN_MENU_OPTION" != @(1|2|3) ]]; do After it fails, can you echo $MDK3_MAIN_MENU_OPTION? If it isn't set to 1, 2 or 3, the script will hang here indefinitely, as the writer hasn't added an 'else'. Scratch that, sorry. It's stating if the option isn't one of those. Between line 256 and 278, can you add an echo between each line? e.g; echo 1, echo 2 echo 3.... That way, you can see which echo is the last to show up before the script ends.
  6. haze1434


    You need to narrow down the exact line in the script that it fails/ends on. What's the last output that you see on your screen before the terminal closes?
  7. Thanks matey. Nice one-liner! Much appreciated.
  8. haze1434


    How far does the machine boot? Does it get as far as starting the SSH deamon, so you can get to the file system that way?
  9. haze1434


    Have you tried pressing y then enter?
  10. haze1434


    I'm confused. You advised earlier that the terminal closes after you press return/enter on the line "Are you satisfied with this configuration? if not, input 'r' and you will be returned to Reaver's Configuration Wizard:". Does it close or not? I thought that was the issue? If you are uncertain how to do a simple thing like adding an echo/Write-Host message, it's probably not a good idea to try and work with a long, complicated shell script. You should learn basic PowerShell before continuing.
  11. haze1434


    Can you add an echo message just before and after the 'done' and the 'clear' lines? That way, you can narrow down which lines successfully run and therefore work out where the script stops.
  12. haze1434

    Not receiving items booked through Hak5 store

    Hak5 are a good bunch of guys n gals. I think this is a case of impatience. In an era of Amazon next-day-delivery, too many people assume instant service from every supplier. This is not how life works. Please also note that these are not necessarily 'off-the-shelf' items. When you order stuff on Amazon, it's already been made by someone else and is in a warehouse ready to be shipped. Hak5 design, build and ship their own bespoke products. Patience is a virtue.
  13. Hi all, I am using the following; This outputs passwords with spaces in-between every character, for example "P ! A r g k X 7 n g". I want the password to have no spaces, for example "P!ArgkX7ng". I can achieve this by using the following; However I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong in the above to make the password produce with spaces in it? Thanks.
  14. haze1434


    I would assume 'done' or 'clear' are closing your terminal, unsure why though.
  15. haze1434


    For other's info, this is the script and the below is the lines directly after the 'Are you satisified with this configuration?' bit. https://github.com/0x90/wps-scripts/blob/master/ReVdK3-r1.sh read -p "Are you satisified with this configuration? if not, input 'r' and you will be returned to Reaver's Configuration Wizard": SATISFIED_OPTION; done if [ -e /etc/reaver_tmp.txt ]; then rm -f /etc/reaver_tmp.txt fi if [ -e /etc/aireplay_tmp.txt ]; then rm -f /etc/aireplay_tmp.txt fi clear