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  1. I have the rubber ducky and as far as i know it can not do it.. It acts like a keyboard and i don't think i can hack an android phone with only a keyboard. That what takes me to the bash bunny it can do more than only being a keyboard so my question is : is the bash bunny with everything it can do, can it be used to hack a locked Android phone ?
  2. Brute force won't work in my case and the rubber ducky can do it
  3. I'm looking forward to buy the bash bunny but i have a question can i use it to get reverse shell on locked windows pc an android phone?
  4. Ok i understand this but i have a basic question : when i connect the pineapple with the pineapple juice and connect the ralink to the pineapple too. Then how can i control the pineapple while i have no ability to connect with it via usb? Sorry I'm still new to it
  5. I want to make my pineapple nano tether internet from wifi to use the wifi connection to creat my own network with the pineapple which have internet acces but i don't know how? Can any one hell me with this i have ralink usb wifi rt5370 after connecting it to the pineapple i don't know what to do how to make the pineapple connect to my home network ?
  6. I won't say it's a lost hope until i met an issue that stop what I'm doing. If i met an issue i won't be lazy and i will solve it. I don't know much about it as i'm still at the beginning but from what i know i think it's not a lost hope
  7. Thank you so much b0N3z
  8. Yes i heard there are some bugs in it but i also know that they are solving it. The TETRA is awesome but in my situation i need something low profile And the TETRA isn't low profile. In my opinion being low profile in very important that what made me choose the rubber ducky over the bash bunny although the bash bunny is way better and stronger but its not goid for low profile
  9. I'm just wondering how can i get strated with the pineapple nano, where can i find tutorials? In other word where can i learn everything about it and everything it can do? as this is my first time with any pineapple device
  10. Yes i ordered it with the rubber duck
  11. Thank you guys now I'm going to buy it
  12. I want to buy wifi pineapple nano but i don't know much about it can anyone help me with this. 1- why should i buy a 100$ wifi pineapple and not 35$ alfa wifi adapter? 2- can i connect a wifi adapter to the nano and connect it to my wifi then use this internet connection to creat a fake network (with internet access) 3-can i control it remotely to give it a command of what to do and if yes how is that? Sorry if i'm asking questions but as i said I'm new with it
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