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  1. I have the rubber ducky and as far as i know it can not do it.. It acts like a keyboard and i don't think i can hack an android phone with only a keyboard. That what takes me to the bash bunny it can do more than only being a keyboard so my question is : is the bash bunny with everything it can do, can it be used to hack a locked Android phone ?
  2. Brute force won't work in my case and the rubber ducky can do it
  3. I'm looking forward to buy the bash bunny but i have a question can i use it to get reverse shell on locked windows pc an android phone?
  4. I didn't buy it yet I'm just gathering some opinions. So after all what is the best alfa wifi adapter you recommend for me it must be stable and work well with kali?
  5. Is AWUS036ACH staple? I heared many people says it's not staple and they couldn't start monitor mode. And another one saiit it gave him only a few meters range
  6. I'm locking forward to buy an alfa wifi adapter and the strongets 2 are Alfa AWUS036ACH / AC1900 My question is which one of them should i buy i need onr to work well and staple with kali? I know that AC1900 is more powerful and have more rang but it doesn't work well with kali right? I need your opinion
  7. Joe2525

    GSM hacking

    I heared about SS7 but i couldn't find anything that is helpful for me Any help?
  8. Joe2525

    GSM hacking

    I think it's time for me to start with the GSM stuff for example spying on phone calls or detecting the location of the caller. I mean we see these things in movies but when we come to real life is it possible?
  9. Ok i understand this but i have a basic question : when i connect the pineapple with the pineapple juice and connect the ralink to the pineapple too. Then how can i control the pineapple while i have no ability to connect with it via usb? Sorry I'm still new to it
  10. I want to make my pineapple nano tether internet from wifi to use the wifi connection to creat my own network with the pineapple which have internet acces but i don't know how? Can any one hell me with this i have ralink usb wifi rt5370 after connecting it to the pineapple i don't know what to do how to make the pineapple connect to my home network ?
  11. I have my SDR and I'm looking to catch up an exact frequency. And i want to test my skills on a 433 frequency which i know that it's the same frequency that car's remote uses so i tried it on my father's car but i couldn't get so i searched again and knew that i must know the exact frequency of the remote for example 433.354 to capture the signal but i don't know how can i know the exact frequency of the remote so how can i do that ?
  12. I think my only choice now is getting closer
  13. That what i thought as i said this was long time ago and i didn't look for it again
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