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  1. Does anybody know where auth attempts to my fake enterprise AP gets logged on the Pineapple? On the GUI it says no data has been received but I've sent creds to it several times from several devices.
  2. Hi all, I followed this site (https://ryan-villarreal.com/2018/07/02/pineapple-is-delicious/) to download and install Site Survey so I could start grabbing WPA2 handshakes from access points. At the bottom of my Site Survey screen I now I have a successful handshake captured, but if I click "Download" I see an animated Pineapple icon next to "Download" for a few seconds, but then nothing happens - the download is never offered. I'll try another browser too, but does anybody know where these are stored locally on the Pineapple if I have to get them the manual way? Brian
  3. All, Thank you SO MUCH for the fantastic info and detailed responses. This is exactly what I was hoping to share at the close of my preso. Have a fantastic week. Brian
  4. Hi there, I've got a presentation/demo of Bash Bunny coming up for some customers. I'm excited to show some of the payloads such as document slurping and wifi password-stealing, but also interested in talking about how to defend against these kinds of attacks. I'm thinking the following recommendations make sense: * Disabling USB ports that aren't needed. * Implementing screen locks to minimize/eliminate damage from some payloads * Log Powershell events (I need to research this more as I'd like to understand exactly what / how this is done) Am I on the right trac
  5. I'm imagining (hoping!) some of these slightly broken things will be cleaned up shortly. In the meantime, I know we all appreciate the workarounds that have been posted - thanks all.
  6. Dennis thanks for the updates. Also see another Lanturtle thread that was just started - looks like some good nuggets of info here too: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/36385-openvpn-does-not-work/
  7. Denningsrogue I'm EXACTLY in the same spot as you. The next thing I was going to try was going to be adding a startup script to fire off the VPN connection on startup...something like "openvpn --config nameofconfig.ovpn." Please let us know if you figure this out!
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