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  1. I think it can be solved by setting 'option rebind_protection' to 0 in /etc/config/dhcp. A reload of dnsmasq is required. (/etc/init.d/dnsmasq reload or a power-cycle)
  2. Take a look at /etc/config/dhcp and /etc/dnsmasq.conf. You can add: log-queries log-facility=/var/log/dnsmasq.log to the end of /etc/dnsmasq.conf to enable logging. Disable/remove after troubleshooting ;-)
  3. The /tmp/resolv.conf.auto is automagically consulted by the dnsmasq configuration. This file contains the DNS servers provided by the DHCP lease to eth1. (LAN side) Lookups over will be forwarded to this nameservers. There is no need to manual change the /etc/resolv.conf.
  4. Hi Darren, Be prepared, this is possible a stupid question The existing modules are based on OS / pre-installed binaries like NetCat, nmap etc. In case I want to publish a new module to the 'download center' / module repository, what's the preferred way to distribute a binary (cross-compiled for Atheros/MIPS) together with the module? Do I need to manage the download of the binary in the module code myself? (backgrounded wget or something) Thanks, Martijn
  5. Hi, It looks like the Nmap module has a problem in the configuration menu. The log option (log file location) is not working and yelling some error in the background terminal. Martijn
  6. I tried your suggestion and changed to channel 3 times but without effect. Is it possible that the new Android versions do not send out network probes? The AP has it's default Pineapple name and is hidden.
  7. My S4 is now disconnected from my home wifi / AP and I also removed the complete wifi profile from my telephone, but still the telephone is not probing for networks. It's now connected with only 3G while wifi is enabled. Other ideas?
  8. Hi peeps, My pineapple gets delivered (new and shiny in his box) last week. Today I did a little walk in the center of my city and connect my Samsung Android device (4.4.2) to a couple of free open wifi networks. So far so good. All of these networks are saved into my phone's wifi list. At this moment my Pineapple is up and running and the good friends 'Karma' and 'Harvester' are enabled. I can see a lot of probes from people next to me, but not from my telephone. Am I missing something? Thanks for helping me, CK
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