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  1. Sebkenni, thanks for the update. I did get a response from my ticket. Thank you.
  2. Same here. I out in a ticket and have not heard anything from them. It is a bit disappointing. They have been good in the past with other issues that have come up. Hope this is not sliding through the cracks.
  3. Bump Anyone able to help us out to get our BBs back up and working?
  4. So have you been able to figure anything out to get your BB working again? Is anyone else having this problem? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. This sounds like what i am experiencing. I have not figured out how to recover from this either.
  6. well I must have messed my BB up pretty good as I can not even access the it. after it goes through the process of trying to reload, it will start to blink blue pink(looks pink) red, the the green to reboot but after that, I get nothing but a hot BB. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. hey all, So I tried to update the firmware and now i am getting nothing. So I decided to try to go back and here is what i get: plug/unplug 3 times then plug in get the green then switch over to red flashing ( all seems good). It flashes for about 4 minutes, then I get a blue to red flashing (about 6 alternating flashes) then long red. I get the green led, showing it is rebooting but then I get the red flashing again but this time it is only about 1 minute, then nothing. I have left it plugged it in to see if it is doing anything (about 15 minutes). Finally unplug and let the BB cool down and plug it in and all i get is the green led then nothing. any advice?
  8. I am waiting for the update as well. I am in the same situation. wlan0 12 dBm
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