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  1. Hello, You have to downgrade to get the modules to work again. They do not work in 2.6.1 and I am not sure if they are being worked on to be compatible.
  2. 2.6.X is having a lot of issues at the moment with dependencies. You can down grade and it should be fine.
  3. Yeah I saw that. Thanks for all the help. As I get time I am also testing with you on your other thread.
  4. The Attack is broken in the wps.sh script "MYCMD=`cat /tmp/wps.run`" Bully and Reaver install fine. so it fails on the webpage.
  5. Hello, I do not think the new Firmware is ready yet. The out of the box shark jack does not support c2.
  6. After doing some research it looks like the 2.6.1 FW is somewhat broken and that is why some of the modules do not work.
  7. Is anyone working on a fix for the 2.6.1 firmware or do we need to downgrade for now?
  8. I have issues on 2.6.1 with Dwall, Urlsnarf. Ettercap so far. Below is a list of modules that I have tested and seem to work correctly: Manage Modules Cabinet Deauth Evil Portal RandomRoll Site Survey Something is defiantly broken in the new firmware. Does anyone have a clue how to fix it or is a downgrade the only way to have a fully working device at this point in time?
  9. I went into the /pineapple/modules/ettercap/scripts folder and took a look at dependencies.sh. As I walked through the script I noticed this: opkg install ettercap I tried to run that command and it failed: Unknown package 'ettercap'. Collected errors: * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package ettercap. I am guessing that is why the install is not working on the webpage.
  10. Hello Cap__Sig, I just got the Tetra a week ago and when I did the set up it installed the 2.6.1 FW. I have a few other modules installed they work fine and have been tested ones like EvilAP and Randomroll. I can ssh into the Tetra and was just wondering if there might be a log from the install that might show why it is falling as the web-page gives no information. Thank you for the help.
  11. Hello All, I click to install Dependencies and it just sits there and goes back to not installed. How do I troubleshoot this?
  12. Altrez

    Shell Access

    That is going to be great!
  13. Hello All, I just got my Tetra installed and updated. I enabled PineAp and can see all the Access Points that it found but cannot connect to any of them at all. I get an Authentication Error on every device I try. I set up the open SSID and can not connect to it either. Auth errors on every SSID from the Tetra. I can connect to the management SSID just fine. Any ideas? EDIT: I figured out that you have to set your SSID Filtering to Deny listed. It now works as expected.
  14. Altrez

    Shell Access

    I got it working. I setup a listener on a VPS Linux box on Azure and then piping to it from the Shark. Working on tweaking the nmap payload to run it at the start. Lasted 2 minutes but it did work. For some reason when the nmap is done the shark dies. Will post a full how to as soon as its stable.
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