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  1. RT @FiloSottile: Friend: “I got a new laptop last week, and I already infected it. I was just trying to install an antivirus…”We are FAILI…

  2. I have pressed the reset button under the MARKIV ,and Now its not coming up? How to correct it?
  3. #PhilHughes RIP...Such a tragic moment

  4. RT @CaptainZeroed: The Sanskar XI ... Manager: Alok Nath http://t.co/ECxdx4fmNb

  5. Its not working as well...cos when i install in the MK4...it doesnt show up...n when i click remove..it just remove all the infusion installed
  6. I got it how to get the Macs but let me know if u have sm steps to use aireplay in Mack 4
  7. Thankx man, but how i will get the Mac of AP, can you just help with a step or two?
  8. you mean...they way..we use the aircrack-ng in linux?
  9. Hi , Is there any infusion available for Deauth or wifi jammer for Mark IV? or can any one suggest how to build one if not available
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