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  1. @anshublog @ArvindKejriwal haha...i can second you on the problem part !!

  2. RT @coolfunnytshirt: Bhagat Singh watching Kejriwal paying tribute to the camera. https://t.co/cnfxQVRI5x

  3. RT @UberCheIseaFC: Oh how I love beating Arsenal away! https://t.co/BBvbR6OC7Q

  4. RT @faujdardev: @mediacrooks hypocrite Indian media giving their best.. https://t.co/393fLcC9GE

  5. RT @santosomar: Cisco Aironet 1800 Series Access Point Default Static Account Credentials Vulnerability https://t.co/LX18368o3e

  6. RT @IdeaOfIndiaism: Read idea of India guide to reacting to criminal news based on religion and caste and you too can be an iOi champion ht…

  7. RT @fakingnews: BREAKING: AAP hires Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador to point an extra finger for blaming others https://t.co/PYfK80U0ID

  8. Which usb adapter is good for wlan2? will this product work Leoxsys LEO-HG150N USB Adapter, it has Ralink chipset drivers is thr any need to install driver in Mark V ??
  9. RT @Redfmbengaluru: #Bangalore Bellandur residents volunteer to control traffic alongside @blrcitytraffic #BajaateRaho https://t.co/Pi9fN22…

  10. how long it takes to upgrade the markV to 2.4.0 firmware.?? Mine is going on from last 4-5 hrs
  11. Let me know who all are visiting the RSA conference 2015
  12. Thankx Mr Protocol,It worked smooth,just interchange the Rx n Tx
  13. i tried with 9600 and 115200(as per blog) but i get the same garbled data from serial port. Any other soln for the issue
  14. I have put the cp2102 usb to the usb port of my laptop.Is that correct?
  15. Can you pls help in how to change the encoding in xshell,if its a encoding issue
  16. ~߱潵ÿ.ꀧϝ쯾쬳찙鵜v®oßÿÿÿþn3¢?ÿÿ췷ڻ± ˢ倹±ÿ®w?;㮶þ쇷oÿԫ¼..฿sº±þ཮¶ଳº7þෝ7ÿ.7wr¿·஬«ݮ¿«7{ݻ쒿_¾þ࠰þ࠯ڴþÿwįþÿ¯¿?¶퀯¿Lµ6&Q]臯¿|⤷伧ÿ¿gþ޿ꗿ䳽ÿZeϹ߬࠷ឳ`ÿŞ¿ח½r祝ÿ{ÿ¼ÿ¬»ÿ½ٯۋ;횮뎚zv఺©벦➬¿®<.㟮ࠎگ褷K쿻࠿ÿՉ£债⿫þȿ¿ÿޏࠬ⎾vÿ-ء{֦ꪷݦÿþ큏½ܼ{^³®ۋ?þǟ?¿ÿÿ¿¿ݷÿ¿ÿܽ踻 ח௿ÿ=ع࠯?}ݵ˿þ¾뾿þµuܳ¿຾½o翷uÿ_¿½¿ÿ>½¿ovþ믾¾oz뺋Q¦ؿ ÿtþÿO՟¿׾ ©ÿݿ·ޏܯ>/¾kw¬¿=࠲ÿ½¾ÿ德Vÿÿ؞«ؿÿÿÿ¼ɿ೿ޯ脿ؿ߽ۼ This is the output im getting.Is it becos of noise or it will work if i change the encoding??
  17. RT @NasirJamshed_: "92, 96, 99, 2003, 2011, 2015. What they got in common?" Misbah ask."Years I have birth certificate for" Lala say. Even…

  18. Hi, When i connect the pineaaple through serial port i get unreadble(not text) letters in my x-shell/putty tool. so not able to do the task as mentioned in your blog Mr Protocol. Im using the same chip set as u suggested CP2102 and also didnt connect the VDD from pine apple.
  19. Thanks Mr-protocol for the help 1) http://www.amazon.in/ELEMENTZ-CP2102-SERIAL-CONVERTER-ADAPTER/dp/B00LN76CT2/ref=pd_sim_sbs_e_4?ie=UTF8&refRID=1YT113BKBVRV9P490J7F 2) http://www.amazon.in/Kootek-PL2303-Serial-Converter-Adapter/dp/B00FEAMUOK/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1422838130&sr=1-1&keywords=USB%2FSerial+to+UART+adapters#productDetails Will this two things do the job?
  20. Can you also suggest how to connect the ttl end to pineapple? or the steps to follow?
  21. is serial TTL is smthing like serial console connection? Can i use the same wire as i do to take any console connection of router?
  22. I am not able to login /ssh with the root id as my new password is not working.How can i reset the root password
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