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  1. @anshublog @ArvindKejriwal haha...i can second you on the problem part !!

  2. RT @coolfunnytshirt: Bhagat Singh watching Kejriwal paying tribute to the camera. https://t.co/cnfxQVRI5x

  3. RT @UberCheIseaFC: Oh how I love beating Arsenal away! https://t.co/BBvbR6OC7Q

  4. RT @faujdardev: @mediacrooks hypocrite Indian media giving their best.. https://t.co/393fLcC9GE

  5. RT @santosomar: Cisco Aironet 1800 Series Access Point Default Static Account Credentials Vulnerability https://t.co/LX18368o3e

  6. RT @IdeaOfIndiaism: Read idea of India guide to reacting to criminal news based on religion and caste and you too can be an iOi champion ht…

  7. RT @fakingnews: BREAKING: AAP hires Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador to point an extra finger for blaming others https://t.co/PYfK80U0ID

  8. Which usb adapter is good for wlan2? will this product work Leoxsys LEO-HG150N USB Adapter, it has Ralink chipset drivers is thr any need to install driver in Mark V ??
  9. RT @Redfmbengaluru: #Bangalore Bellandur residents volunteer to control traffic alongside @blrcitytraffic #BajaateRaho https://t.co/Pi9fN22…

  10. how long it takes to upgrade the markV to 2.4.0 firmware.?? Mine is going on from last 4-5 hrs
  11. Let me know who all are visiting the RSA conference 2015
  12. Thankx Mr Protocol,It worked smooth,just interchange the Rx n Tx
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