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  1. FYI - I don't think the link on the hak5 downloads site is working for the jsencoder. Had to come to the forums for it. This is the message i get when try to down load it: {"error_message":"tool version not found"}
  2. I forgot to add I have a pineapple nano that works fine.
  3. I think I'm having the same problem. Bought this about a month ago and am now trying to set it up. Browse to --> Success! Click Continue --> --> Success! Disable Radios and Click Continue --> nothing happens. Try to factory reset, nothing happens. Blue light stays illuminated, no reboot. Is this a hardware problem?
  4. Hello all! My name is Bob aka Bb as in B flat Favourite game: Soldier of Fortune Favourite OS: n/a Favourite console: PS3 Nationality: US Accent: None, At least I don't think I have one Sex: Male Age: Lost count after 30 Race: White American Height: five eleven Status: Writing this post Build: Normal Favourite band: Anything with Mike Patton Favourite book: Among The Thugs Favourite author: Isaac Asimov Favourite movie: Platoon Favourite director: n/a Favourite TV Show: BBC Top Gear Favourite actor: Leonardo DiCaprio Favourite actress: Rachel Weisz Favourite Pinup: Evangeline Lilly Favourite Comedian: Louie C.K. Other hobbies: Biking, Motorcycling, Bass Guitar, Music, Hak 5 Car: 2007 Honda Accord Occupation: Software Developer
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