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  1. Whoops, using that power only cable was one of my problems. Looks like Google removed tethering completely from the Nexus 7 Wifi model with the 6.0 update and as far as I can tell no one has been able to figure out a way to enable it again. On 5.1.1 I was able to enable USB tethering (after switching to a good cable) but the Wifi Pineapple app just continues telling me tethering is disabled and prompting me to configure. Anyone else seeing this?
  2. Does not using a third wifi interface and connecting one of the two onboard wifi interfaces to an upstream (internet connected) wifi network limit any features of the pineapple?
  3. Will the Nano be able to USB tether from a wifi only Android device (like a Nexus 7)? If not and I use one of the Nano wifi interfaces to connect to upstream wifi, will I lose out on any features (maybe some features of PineAP)? Does the Nano support adding a USB wifi adapter to connect to upstream wifi and leave the two onboard wifi interfaces for the Pineapple software? Edit: looks like wifi only Nexus 7 on latest 6.0 Marshmallow doesn't do USB tethering. The tethering page to turn it on is just blank. On 5.1.1 the tethering options are available, but USB tethering is greyed out and says
  4. I think this thread answered my question, though if this is doable with OpenVPN on the Lan Turtle that might be easier https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/36673-ssh-socks-proxy-through-vps/
  5. I recently got a LAN Turtle and I'm getting it set up. I'm wondering if it's possible to use tools installed on my local computer (which the LAN turtle is setup to autossh to) to scan the remote network? For instance if I have OpenVAS on my computer and want to scan the remote network, can I setup the Lan Turtle to allow my local computer access to that remote network to scan? I currently only have autossh setup, but can do OpenVPN if necessary.
  6. Hi Seb, ordered my Nano over the weekend, looking to order an SD card today. Were you able to confirm the Nano supports 64GB cards?
  7. I'd like to send all http traffic from Pineapple clients through Burp Proxy. Here is my setup: I have a Kali Linux box is providing internet to the Pineapple via ethernet using the wp5.sh script. At this point Pineapple clients are able to internet access just fine. I start Burp and it's listening on all interfaces on port 8080 in invisible mode. I think I should be able to send all of the Pineapple traffic through Burp using iptables, but I am not sure how to do so. I thought running the following on the Kali box would do it: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --destination-port 80 -j R
  8. I had an issue similar to this right after flashing. I let it sit like that for a minute or two, then refreshed the page and everything loaded like normal.
  9. So I guess I just had to power cycle the pineapple and all was well. I didn't realize it wouldn't come back up on it's own.
  10. I'm not able to connect to on ethernet. After re-running wp5.sh I am now able to ping from my computer that is connected via ethernet to the pineapple, but I am not able to SSH to it though. I am able to connect to the pineapple wifi network and it give me an IP, but the web interface doesn't load there either.
  11. I just got my Pineapple a couple weeks ago, so this is my first time flashing firmware. I have the power adapter plugged in, and I'm hooked up via ethernet. I got the message: MD5 Matches. Performing upgrade. [Spinning Pineapple] Please wait. This can take a while. On the Pineapple the greenlight is solid, and the yellow, blue, red lights flash very fast in succession once a second or so. It's been like this for over an hour (I got distracted doing something else) I cannot ping the Pineapple. What should I do?
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