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  1. Updated no issues, great support for the Pineapple team keep the updates coming please.
  2. Blonde moment yeah make sure your software is up to date. all working now.
  3. Attempted to flash while on-line connected via Ethernet with connection sharing to my WiFi on Windows 7. error message after download MD5 mismatch please try again ran checksum on the ZIP file - Verified.
  4. pabo2uk wlan0 on my laptop not on the pineapple.
  5. Well I have only had my Pineapple a day so far so I am a real newbie. But I would consider this: Ethernet into the Pineapple from laptop Use a mobile device as a wifi hot spot or USB tether to laptop use wlan1 for deauth attack use wlan0 for Karma I haven't looked into the Jammer settings but I think you can send a deauth to a specific SSID in CLI probably rambling now but I would: Eth Pineapple - Laptop USB Driod - Laptop connection share these 2 Wlan0 for Karma and use my Laptop Wifi to run aireplay-ng -0 10 -a {BSSID} wlan0 I haven't tried this as I said I am just starting out really hope this helps.
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